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Did not receive last preorder pack

I only received 19 preorder packs this year. I didn't receive one on January 28th or February 4th. I've actually spent about 3 hours on multiple phone calls trying to solve this which is the most frustrating point but the only answer EA customer service keeps coming to is that because they've helped me with past issues and replaced what I hadn't received in the past that they cannot do so now. I don't get this logic? Because in the past I had purchased content and not received what I purchased with my money and requested for a resolution in those situations, that because EA gave me what I paid for as a solution that they cannot give me what ive paid for now? Any way, I'm pretty upset about the way customer service has been treating me, I've spent enough on the game that it's clear I'm not a thief or a scammer and I only feel like it should be common business practise to replace something thay a customer paid for and never received. I've never attempted using EA forums before but I'm hoping that I have better luck then I've had on the phones. Thank you.


  • I haven't gotten my packs in the past 2 weeks. I also just tried to make a trade. Traded my Evo Gunztel for my friends Vernon. She accepted the trade. But neither card is in my set. She looked in her auction. The Vernon card is still up for auction. She didn't receive my Guntzel. So the card is just lost out there.

    EA Sucks
  • Same. never got the last 2 weeks :|:|:|:|:|:|
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