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Forwards as Shutdown D-Men and puck ragging for days

What's up everyone, is this new trend taking over the CS? I won my first three then dropped the last three didn't even make it to second period on two of the games they were so one-sided. And the other is the ridiculous puck ragging. So the guy I played had all forwards as D-men and they were shutdown, perfect position on every play, the AI D men were super fast on the puck, and broke up every possible deke I could come up and the dump and chase they beat me to the puck everytime. Then this sent me over the edge Johnny "hockey" is puck ragging like a champ, I line him up square with Heatley, Sakic, Chelios, Lidstrom, all the same shift and it has zero effect on him and as I hit him his movement wasn't even altered, it was a joke, and this was two games in a row with similar results, did they make the rag abnormally strong again?


  • 5 star team:

    all special edition cards, Like everyother super team...lol...All 5 team synergies activiated
  • It's true that puck ragging is awful this year... People who are good at it will do whatever they want. I remember a year where players were randomly losing the puck especially if tired when turning around.
  • Guys do it because they can. Just another reason this game is nothing like hockey. Guys put 4 or 5 forwards out and the forwards play top notch defense. So stupid but since EA doesn’t do anything about it you can do it too or live with it.
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