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Looking for a well rounded player for PS4 D2 club

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Looking for an already established player that has high hockey IQ and plays 2 way hockey. Not looking for someone that will cherry pick all day and figure skate around everywhere,and not looking for a player that we have to build up, we tend to slow it down in the offensive zone and cycle around, currently averaging just under 9 minutes in TOA per game and average 9 shots against, we are very much about controlling the tempo of the game. We play 2 way hockey, everyone comes back on the back check and covers their man.

The club is currently 51-5-1, D2; 2 wins away from D1. I play defense for the club and we have an established center and our winger is the one that bounces around. Mainly looking for a winger, but if you prefer defense I will jump up to wing.

If you’re interested in joining up drop a request to the club — Omlette Du Fromage — Thank you.
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