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Game was VERY good last night

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Yesterday, I tried a couple HUT games to end my day. To my pleasant surprise, the game played better than ever.
It was fluid, nice tempo, setting up plays worked better, goalies took care of what you would expect aka no cheap wristers allowed. I could bodycheck and it would have an impact, I could pick up most loose pucks without any problems and so on. It was pure sports game of the year material! Actually, it was so fun that I took the day off and played all night. Now I am hungover and feel like a teenager who just discovered the not so healthy but oh so funny things in life.

A couple days ago my controller suddenly started working and now this!! (No, that's not the reason I can really feel a huge difference in the gameplay)
EA I don't know what you have done, there have been no updates, so you are doing something serverside and it's working brilliantly!! <3


  • Almost every HUT game is peer to peer. You just probably got a few opponents with good connections.

    By the description of your games from last night, that is what the game feels like on a good connection.
  • I live in Europe.I have a good connection.My games are 99% like this.Minimal lag.I play only VS
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