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Can't see how many of each card I have in my collection

So who at EA NHL thought it was a good idea to remove this "feature"? Do they not test this stuff before they release it? Did a "Gamechanger" suggest that they take this out?


  • Yeah its pretty stupid
  • Without the Last Price Sold feature you have to look up how much the card is going for. We used to be able to all of these from the collection screen:

    1) know how many of a card that you have
    2) search auctions for that card
    3) list the card for auction

    Now you have to do #1 from the collection search screen, remember how many of the card that you have, or write down the ones you want to sell. then go into collection and do #2 and #3.

    It's really annoying, unintuitive, pain in the $%(&% --- possibly done on purpose?
  • j0rtsu67
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    edited March 2018
    Maybe there was a problem (didn't work properly or smthn) so they did what they usually do to fix a problem: they removed/disabled the feature (instead of actually fixing it).

    OT: I edited my post three times and it's still here! Wow!
  • Yeah usually that's a ban
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