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Is it bad that I've spent so much on HUT?/How much have you spent on hut?



  • Last year was my 1st year playing hut and I spent $400 on packs and got nothing. I didn't know what I was doing. I literally got no player worth keeping for $400.

    This year I learned what I was doing and spent nothing and have an awesome team, with a lot of work in the market. With that said if my team actually played like their card ratings (and not be handicapped, stuck in mud/lag/icetilt) I would have spent money and saved myself the trouble. I have actually gotten more joy out of buying and selling than playing games.
  • 0$ as well...

    My team is 99 ovr because I play I lot especially challenges, I can have pretty much player I want, I just don't see the point of paying... Oh and yes I feel having better players doesn't matter much anyway.
  • YZ19
    171 posts Member
    im usually good for 100 depending how much time i put in the auction house
    this year like others have said is a free to play year more than ever, in that aspect it sucks that u grind out to get a 98 crosby for 300k when someone else scoops a 94 for 20k
    hopefully i can do like i did in 16 and just take a break from the game for a year
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