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Roster Update?

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edited April 2018
Does anyone know if/when there will be a final roster update for this season to reflect the college signings (Gaudette, Mittelstadt, Tolvanen (KHL))?



  • That would be the billion dollar question right?

    Imagine if they focused on fantasy/offline play like they do HUT? WOW... that would be amazing.

    I'd love a final update, combing over everything, all new signings, injuries taken away for Online versus and also rating updates.

    Like give William Karlsson some love right?
  • Wouldn't count on it. They don't even bother to name what changes were made for their roster updates. Like March 22nd? I see Donato..what else? It's an absolutely pathetic display for AAA developer, if we can even call the NHL team that.

    The last roster update article on their MAIN site? Freaking November 30th. And after that just December Content Update is listed.
  • Yeah man. I know. It really is a shame.

    I like roster attributes. If they are going to be this lazy then just give us complete full reign on rosters and all that. And the ability to add our own face pics in the profiles.

    Face pics in the game should match the current season at least. Karlsson looks nothing like he does in the pic. Hes different. They update face pics every 2-3 years.

    Which is just sorry.https://forums.ea.com/en/nhl/discussion/218697/roster-update#
  • Why can't we get an answer on this?

    I mean... man it is irritating. We are customers of your product and you can't even let us know something?

    It seems like EA really just doesn't care. And that is sad. If a product ever comes out opposite of EA Sport's NHL title...

    I'm gone.
  • My guess is that EA will do a final "playoff roster" update, or whatever it is they call it. I think that happens after all playoff teams have played already. Can't remember the details for sure though.
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