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Wrong cards from TOTW set

I made every set of this weeks Team of the week set and from every set I got players that are not in the current set of TOTW.
From bronze set I got Robert Thomas ovr 70.
From silver Morgan Ellis ovr 78 and from gold set I got Ryan Ellis ovr 86.
It would’t be big of s deal but the the subscription in the TOTW set IS: TRADE IN COLLECTIBLES FOR PLAYERS FEATURED IN THE CURRENT TEAM OF THE WEEK. Non of the above players were not on current set.
I contacted the support chat and the guy said basically that ”I can’t do nothing about it. Post a comment in the forum so the developer can read it...”
So this is my comment because I want something to compensate this. First of all, the subscription is misleading if there is possible to get older TOTW cards and second, how is that possible that I managed to get all three from earlier sets. If I knew that I would never make any TOTW sets, becouse that is just shot in the dark. And this has never happened before ehen I have done TOTW sets.
For a compensation I want 5 bronze, 3 silver and 4 TOTW collectables that I lost in this or something else that will satisfy me. There is a 6/9 change to get over 90 ovr gold card from current set and I got a lousy card from the set that was current last year, if I remember correctly.


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