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Could developers answer this?

I am wondering the gameplay in hut this years nhl. I contacted the ea chat a few days ago and we chatted a while of these puck ignores there.
The guy in the chat told me to post my conserns here in the forums, so here it is.

When playing hut I am suffering puck ignore, goalie miss positioning, bot controlled players bloking my own players and passes are all over the place. And these are happening in allmost every game.
I may control whole game and win shots 20-5 and still lose 0-4 because of these problems.

The chat guy told me something about delay.

So here comes the questions.
How is it possible if my every other game works fine online? And even if I am suffering somekind of delay how is it possible that it is infecting my bot controlled players and goalie also?
If i have problems with connection in any other game it is shown lagging. But nhl is not?

So whats the point of upgrading your team as high as possible if the game doesent work? People is using money to buy packs and this is what they get? In year 2018, really?

I am hoping that one of EA s developers really answer this, but I highly doubt that.

I wish a great playoffs spring to all NHL fans out there


  • Do you play with fair connection? I've noticed when the connection is fair that's what happens, there's a delay and every pass and CPU controlled players are all over the place.
    Always win sometimes lose.
  • I only play when connection meter stays in green. When checking the in game ping it is somewhere between 15-25ms.
  • Yeah this is a problem all year, my lowest rated player is a 95 toty chara, I have all synergies and there are still games where I will watch other teams fly around the ice, and I had 99 mcdavid get caught on clean breakaways. And then I have also been on the other side of those same games. The game has been very inconsistent this season. I play hardlined to internet and also only play on green.
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