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NHL 19 Wishlist


  • In NHL 19 I would like to see these options.

    1) ECHL being in the GM and Be-A-Pro Modes
    2) More alternates jerseys for ECHL teams (Adirondack Thunder for example)
    3) More scoreboard options, for example when you select your favorite team, you can have an option to use NBC score layout or your favorite teams score layout and announcers, or have an option to download old and new score layouts. That would be sweet but sounds so stupid!
  • Say for a certain amount of money we can send a pic and have our own hut card created.
  • I would love if they made one simple addition. In Franchise mode it would be awesome if we could edit the names of game generated players. How many Ned Dziurzinski’s are needed. At one point I had 3....not even kidding.
    It would also be great if created teams could create a set of team masks. Primary and backup masks. The generic ones are very lame.
  • Fix the skating and lag, nothing else matters too much until these core functionalities get improved.
  • I will pay $20 to NOT see your face in HUT :trollface: just kidding.
  • Dude. No.
  • I have just one request: Allow the Be a Pro character you create be allowed to be imported into the next year's game. I don't play a lot, and I like to play every game in the season, but I hate having to start over when the next game comes out. Would be nice to transfer my guy into the new game, so I can continue where I left off.
  • Please add Thrashers jerseys and logo in NHL 19.
  • Jusp4
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    Stop making decisions for me. When i'm trying to intercept a pass, why on earth does the AI do a poke check on my behalf. I don't press the poke check button, i don't want to poke check, so don't god damn poke check! Same goes for skating. I hate when AI takes control of my player when i'm waiting for a pass. Especially frustrating when i'm trying to defend and my player gets suck€d towards the puck, making my player to skate in the wrong direction. Or how about when i'm trying to catch a puck near the offensive blue line and my player gets taken over and he skates 10 feet offside.
  • I wish a complete overhaul of the gameplay and the a.i. The movements should be more Natural plus i wish Created Plays so we could play how we want but i guess that wont happen.
  • Online franchise mode with customizable leagues and schedules.
  • Being able to play a friend's franchise online, as a team.
  • I don't play online, but here are a few suggestions for BAP and other general gameplay.

    - AI overhaul. I'm not sure why in 10 years of games there are still glaring issues. AI needs to learn how to properly set up on the PP, needs better positioning awareness, needs to learn to shoot high % shots (no cheesy backhanded from top of circle), why do players drift backwards when they have the puck?

    - in addition to that EA devs need to fix little details like faceoffs on intentional offsides, and how players line up on defensive zone draws. It's wrong as it currently is. Also CHL teams use dark colors as home jerseys please change this. I'm not sure why it hasn't been, it's lazy. Also what happened to choosing your stick curve? Adding fun things like Pastrnaks tape job would be awesome.

    - In the CHL you should be allowed to be traded, realistically if you are 18 and a top prospect you will be wanted by teams trying to win. On top of that, there should be more of a chance to get traded other than requesting a trade like in MLB the show you can get traded at any time.

    - I play goalie BAP a lot and I have to commend EA on improving it. It feels a lot better in 18 than 17 so keep up the good work. I do feel there are some issues with reaction lag or awkward unwanted animations that occur and get me scored on that could be improved on. The other biggest thing would be more customization options for equipment. Adding team logos and shapes/generic designs and letting the user create layers to make their goalie mask design would be unreal. Same with other equipment like pads, etc.

    - please add game face or more options to edit faces. I hate having to scroll through 500 presets.
  • If they do this then I demand custom builds back for EASHL.
  • I want a ref mode
  • neonfish85 wrote: »
    give the money to the poor or charity man.virtual cards are just stupit
    What if the money donated to have your own hit card went to charity? Boom everyone wins
    Good idea but good luck getting EA to give away anything .
    I am not so sure I would want to see myself that often lol.

  • AceAardvark1969
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    1. World Cup tournament. Get it back!!! I don't play net online, I have no time fot it. But after job sometimes I wanna have a rest & play the hockey. WHat the f**** politic is in the computer game??? I don't know hundreds ligas & teams you maded such "national", "ehl", "ahl" etc. & I don't even have interest to know this ligas. I just want to play for my national team when I have free minutes. And million people who are in the other countries don't know this ligas.

    In fact, I will not buy next NHL19 if something like World Cup will be not there. I made the mistake when bougt NHL18 - I thought World Cup is in default, cause it was my first NHL when I bought ps4. But I was really insane when knew that there is no such mode

    It's really understand - developer's religion does not allow to unclude World Cup?? Made national teams for what, but didn't made world cup?? Even real NHL players don't take a part in World Cup or Olimpic... it's "computer game"! Call this mode other name, just simple "tournament" etc

    NHL Three - do developers really think it is intresting?? I play it 2-3 times maximum during the studing. Next it's not interesting.

    Better will make something like "Final Series" when I choose 2 teams & play final series (2 wins, 3 wins etc) - like it was great series USSR-CANADA. It's really annoying to make every time Play Off, choose teams & then simulate to final. I wanna play FINAL now

    + one intresting mode of FINAL SERIES where I can to set number of games between 2 teams - 10, 20 etc, not matter if the series finishing with "even score". It's just intresting anyway. One mode - I can set how many wins need to win final & second mode - I set how many games in FINAL SERIES will be.

    Make ability to name the season, playoff etc. For example I made FINAL SERIES with 2 teams FIN-SWE, next time I make FINAL RUS-CAN & I wanna to save it with clear names "RUS-CAN", "FIN-SWE", "USA-CAN" to understand next time what game I want to load.... **** "season 1", "season 2"???? If I have several seasons I can't understant what I wanna play

    During the game place "Edit Strategy" etc to first menu screen when press "pause". It's really anoyng go throuh 2-3 screens to get to edit strategy or change players during the game when i wanna do it fast. Even ps4 pro whith default HDD do it so slow to load next screen to get to the EDIT STRATEGY or CHANGE THE LINES

    Yes, somebody wrote this - make ability to set how many games I wanna play in season. Annoing play 72 games (4 games vs one team) in single mode, just make ability to choose games vs one team in regular season 1, 2, 3 or 4.
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  • Also make so you can do warmup in be a pro. Also just make it so you can customize your own goalie mask. In hut Actually add coaches like Babcock instead putting like Brian fiddler and also I know it was a mistake but make players higher and making it so you can buy coins!


    Jeremy Johnston
  • Custom game camera. EA took it our years ago not sure why. This is a must for 19. Better player physics around the puck or awareness. And presentation needs an overhaul. Frost bite anyone?
  • EA should add a color palette instead of continuing to use of the wheel color we have now for making uniforms. It would easier I think to find the exact color you are looking for.
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