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I don't understand... I've played the "EA Sports" NHL series since NHL 93. back on Sega... I play almost every year. I'm a vet. I would say I'm A pretty good NHL Player… I KNOW HOW TO PLAY THIS GAME.

Yet, Hockey Ultimate Team leaves MUCH to be desired. These Challenges are ridiculously lopsided. I am pretty good, but I can BARELY even defeat the simplest challenges...

I feel like they are Terribly unbalanced, and tilted in the computer's favor or at least not tailored to be simple enough to defeat without being and all star at this dumb game.

Everytime I play any "collectible" challenge I get wrecked. My team isn't even bad... MY Off, Def, and Goal, are all above 90 rating. Almost every position is solid. Yet, I am utterly failing at even the simplest challenges... so much so that I am losing my mind to furious rage. I cannot enjoy this stupid HUT mode if I cant even get anything done...

Everytime, I try to play any defence I get a penalty. I try to poke check, A FREAKIN TRIP. I try to stick lift, a high stick, If I try to check. They either completely dodge or I get a charge, or Boarding call. It’s like am I supposed to do so I'm literally playing the whole game shorthanded, I lose every face off - all 90s Centers -and every time I try to do anything the computer's players are on my like white on rice. With perfect poke checks, and stick lifts, and all my computer-controlled teammates sit around like morons. It's like I have to control every player simultaneously to stand a chance... And somehow their goaltender is an Allstar, yet my High rated goalie couldn't stop a beach ball.

This is ridiculous... I shouldn't have to be the best NHL player of all time to actually win any challenges. The game should be set so that you can win with some effort. But I’m literally putting forth ALL my effort and I’m getting beat terribly. It’s not like this on even on superstar on Franchise mode...so what the hell.

I dunno if I want to even bother buying next years NHL game if it’s gunna be just as stupid. They need to scale the game difficulty so that more casual players can actually have fun. I don't have time to sit there and spend hours redoing challenges over and over with a 90+ OVR team…just to get the BASIC rewards.

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  • I feel your pain. I missed out on almost every collectible (evolution, flashback) because of this crap. Like how am I supposed to score a powerplay goal when the computer never takes a penalty??Guess I’m not good enough. You could try position lock for faceoff challenges but that doesn’t always help. I had ruby Bergeron and he lost draws to AHL players. I don’t get it.
  • There has to be some other reason I can‘t explain why the challenges seem to be impossible for some,yet others say they are easy.
    Most of the time I have such a hard time I give up .
    It is really frustrating that it seems the AI specifically stops you from the objectives.
    The challenges WERE the only thing still keeping me interested ,but with them this hard I just give up.
    I played for over 3 hours to get that breakaway goal and never got it done,now that is total ****!!!
  • You have to position lock to get them all done.
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