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Servers down?


  • Yep. Great game. Down for weekly gong show
  • It works if you had app open but if not cant log on
  • It works if you had app open but if not cant log on

    Right, so.... Front end AAA server stuff.

    Well that stinks.
  • Omg how the hell do they not have this fixed by now???? Come on ea I’m sick of paying this kinda money for **** servers
  • Servers are down and they ask you to go to their unable-to-connect site to check server status. Status is green. EA and their devs are such a joke.
  • did you try restarting your modem? make sure its off for a full 30 seconds...

    lol sorry had to say heh
  • Come on folks....EA is the best company ever and they have some of the brightest people working there....their Servers are the absolute best and are built so strong they never go down ever....their customer service is second to none as they list all of their phone numbers that have a dedicated team servicing us 24/7...they also keep us well updated in realtime and most importantly they have never ripped any of us off....ever....never ever ever.....never......ha
  • EA_Roger
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    Apologies for not replying to this in more proactive manner. The issues are now resolved and the servers are once again online.

    Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this and thanks for your patience while we got to the bottom of the problem at hand. If an outage of the sort crops up again, I would recommend checking Tyler's twitter as he would always be on top of these. I also recommend checking out our https://help.ea.com/en/nhl/nhl-18/ which displays the server status per game. If you click on the server at the top of the page it will be displayed per console:



  • Any reason why the servers have been struggling so much as of late? Will this be fixed in NHL 19, which better have club practice mode?
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