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Are these Playoff Squad builders worth paying over 250k to build?

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Just wanted to know, seeing I have been burnt before.

Is it worth wasting your coins?

What type of player card is it overall wise or am I spending 250k to build a 87 overall Tyler Myers?

Feedback on these playoff squads is greatly appreciated.

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  • Hey so they changed it at some point to get rid of the carbon collectibles for the set, I did a few sets this morning I got an 88 Krejci, and 84 Dumolin, and 93 holtby, it cost me 12 gold collectibles (100-120K) and 6 playoff collectibles (15K) and then all the base players which I already had but for argument lets say 18 players at 500 (9K) so so 125-150 total cost pending on what you have or need to get 88, 84, and 93, I will not do any more of these sets....Just keep in mind if it would have been 97 Rask, 99 crosby, and 99 ovi, this discussion may be different as for that 150 is a steal...
  • 13ulow
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    I did one set and got an 80 overall. So NOT worth it :expressionless:
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