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AI in NHL 18 is beyond shocking



  • I love when the AI turns on the boost cheat and goes 100 mph out of nowhere
  • frenchfrog
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    i sold my game month ago , i came back to see if there any good news,because hockey is my sport
    but it s still the same debate over a.i ,lag issue..
    dev are responding and still defending this game ...
    they have to realize that this game is so boring ...
    they have so many issue with this game ..

    here my top 5(offline)

    1-skating and the overall flow of this game is totally wrong...
    2-A.i ...well can t say much cause it a joke ..d man standing there doing nothing
    3-gm mode offline is the most boring i ve seen in years ..(after a years the whole league is upside down because of the bad progresion with player ..too many player go +8 ovr ,,,,drafting is useless..contract negociation that don t make any sense...
    4-it s 2018 and stick still magically disapears in the board ..this one make me laugh every years
    5-the overall feeling of contolling a player ..it s just sluggish(fifa18 is a EA game you should borowed some of there guy they could ,show you a how a player should respond)

    a final word to the dev team :
    it s time start again ..the foundation on this house as so many crack in it ..you could paint so many flashy color or put shinny new thing on it ..the main problem are much bigger than this ..
    i know you guy might not have the budget or the willingness ..to start from scratch..but it s leaking bad
    for me right now in all the sports ...nhl series is the one who is in the worst shape

    and for all the frustrated NHL fans ..you should try FIFA18 ..now that a fun game
    and this one feel like a 2018 game !!!

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  • AEM021591
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    Just kind of fed up with the game overall honestly. EA seems to only care about what new packs they can put out for HUT and that’s how it’s been since they introduced it...which is why the game has been on a steady decline since as far as gameplay is concerned.

    The devs can make all the excuses they want and give the vague answers they’ve been giving for years because right now the game still makes money because of HUT, but at some point even the HUT players will get tired of this whole thing and stop putting up money.

    The ai has been an issue year after year and instead of an actual revamp they just mess with the sliders a bit and then a few tuner updates into the year and we’re right back where we started. The ai is a failure EA. You play offline, or VS, or HUT or EASHL and allow ai to be on the ice and it’s a train wreck. Defensive zone they stand around and rarely apply pressure, regardless of the strategy, you can change it to each setup and the ai plays the exact same way no matter what. Skating into the offensive zone they end up following the puck carrier and getting in the way, if you have it set to behind the net and you carry up the half boards the ai either doesn’t go cover down low for the pass or they take too long to react. They don’t move around at all to get open space or anything, they literally just stand there...and it’s more frustrating when you go play FIFA and see what a solid sports game runs like because I hate soccer and just want NHL to run even semi-close to how the FIFA series runs.

    The devs answers aren’t answers at this point...”there’s a lot of details” etc etc etc...like dude this is what you guys get paid for and you haven’t changed anything for the better in 7 years now. Each year should be focused on making the ai better, like actually better, not just adjusting the sliders and slapping a name on the new setup as “new”. Still have yet to see improvement with goalies either...whether it’s how clunky and terribly animated human goalies are or how weak and unable to learn a single thing the ai goalies are. Years ago EA released the “learning ai” where they were supposed to pick up on your strategy and adjust to try and shut you down, this went for the goalies too, but yet you can snipe from the same spot over and over again, and score backhand forehand 10/10 times you go on a breakaway...like the goalies are broken to the point that you can literally hold the puck backhand and drag the goalie completely out of the net by drifting off to the opposite side and you’ll be left with a completely open net..you can skate down on a rush and pull back into the slap shot animation and freeze the ai defenders and skate right around them, the same way we used to exploit them in every year prior with back skating and windmill dekes. Like at what point are you guys going to actually take enough pride in the game you put out to actually put work into it?

    And not for nothing, but the past few years the beta that you guys put out has been better than the actual game when it comes to the gameplay, which is pretty crazy lol

    But thank god we got new menu’s and 100 different HUT packs/collectibles...because that’s what’s really important here. Not trying to hear about how it’s a different department either...even if that’s the case it shows me that the people handling HUT put more effort into their side of the game over the people that handle the gameplay coding.

    Also, just out of curiosity...why did you take out the cutscene showing the 3 stars of the game getting awarded? Lol like you take out such random things in this game and add nonsense it’s unreal
  • Difficulty in HUT Offline Recular season changes all the time. Sometimes i get Superstar difficulty opponent. Ai is twitching like they have seizure,they are counting your every single move.They even skate sideways like MC.Hammer! Can't touch them,can't get buck away...their passing is 100%. In regular mode they just scored 7 goals against high end team. It's not even playable some times..i could just watch AI skate around me.Sometimes same team AI sucks so bad i beat them 18-0. Dynamic difficulty or someone weekly changing sliders? It's so bad...was gonna preorder Ultimate Legend NHL 19 but this just proved how bad state they left game duying and its so easy to adjust those AI sliders from EA! Not ordering..maybe pay 20€ in discont if i hear good news after some months.
  • Horrible game, you almost ruined the nhl franchise with this one, you get one more shot for me anyway.
  • NHLDev wrote: »
    PJ_Bullet wrote: »
    lol. U keep trying don’t u? It’s a mistake. It’s a glitch. Glitches happen randomly within a bad string of code and they don’t always happen in favor of one team.

    All joking aside, some of these problems are complex. That isn't an excuse, it is just the reality. We have lots of discussions around improvements to physics and accurately dealing with collisions with a fast moving object like a puck or animations that move a stick a considerable distance frame to frame. You will find lots of people discussing these types of issues online when it comes to physics sims. If you google 'bullet through paper' you will get an idea on the types of variables, even though that isn't exactly the scenario we are speaking about here necessarily.

    If any of this was true I could respect the post; however, they aren’t glitches. My player has never glitched his way through the computer team and then scored a goal so if my player can always recognize solid object then, so can the computer team. Not to mention how dumb would u have to be to keep programming glitches into 20 versions of the same product. If I glitched my semi into a building, my company would fire me the first time. No matter how difficult it is to drive one.
  • Socair
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