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Can EA Sports bring back Outdoor Hockey in NHL 19?

- Winter Classic
- Stadium Series
- Heritage Classic


  • We’ve been asking for it. Atleast I have for the past year or so. You never know, maybe for NHL 19.
  • alexinov1985
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    edited February 2018
    That could be great and also possibility to choice the arena when we play single game for example make an exhibition game in Davos or Helsinki with NHL teams, what do you think?
  • That’s asking to much so no.
  • An Option to Choose any Arena you want to Play in for an Exhibition is a little much but there should be Modes for Outdoor Hockey Games. You could have a Tab for the Winter Classic, a Tab for the Stadium Series, and so on. I think the ability to Simulate or Play these Games in the elements is something that a lot of NHL Gamers really miss.
  • As nice as this would be, this series would be dead if they dedicated time to something like that when the game is so fundementally flawed in it's online experience with lag, poor puck pickups and poor skating. If they don't address those issues first the series is done.
  • Yeah i agree, outdoor games is not what this game needs at all
  • kitchener_boy
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    edited February 2018
    Scrap outdoor games....whats happening here is simply what 2K games are doing with their NBA gammers. They said we listened to you the customers and then they threw them a bone with an insulting improvement.The improvment was about cost of custom things and prices for or something stupid like that. So for the people who wish 2k hockey will come back??? scrap that wish. 2K is just as bad now then they was 2 years ago!. EA just needs to try alittle more.
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  • j0rtsu67
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    edited February 2018
    But hey, didn't we just have outdoor competitive season in HUT...? That was EA's version of outdoor though... :#
  • They should bring back the winter classic totally imagine how awesome it would look bringing the game back outdoors...maybe with frostbite engine it would be so beautiful
  • It's not needed. What they need to fix is the agility, skating engine, puck pickups and a handful of other things.
  • ExSnake01 wrote: »
    It's not needed. What they need to fix is the agility, skating engine, puck pickups and a handful of other things.

    Seems like they did all that AND added outdoor skating.
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