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Need an explanation...

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I usually defend EA and can generally give the benefit of the doubt.

But in this video at the 13 min mark what the hell?!?

Why the hell would the defencemen do that!!!

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  • Just a little nappy time?
  • Kuus2
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    The faceoffs work so that AI stays put as long as first human takes the posession of the puck. Yes, it’s dumb.

    In this case it appears the poke on the puck didn’t release the AI.

    I imagine the reasoning from EA is that they didn’t want every player to crowd on the puck in some tie ups for example.

    I think just adding some radius around the faceoff point which when crossed would release the players would be better, avoiding crap like this.
  • I scored a goal last night on the exact same play! I felt bad for the other team. Just let me walk by him and score on a breakaway.
  • I've had games where my entire team would just stand there. The more you play NHL 18, the more broken things you will notice in this game. I remember someone here saying this game is bug-free. That is an outright lie.
  • The video shows clearly why EA needs to work on their AI. I cannot believe I saw that. Not a good look, but this is probably why people prefer to play EASHL as teams of 6's.
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