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Daily NHL Award Challenge done , no reward?

Just logged in did NHL Daily Award challenge and never got any reward.
So glad I logged in yet again to waste my time and turn this horrible game off disappointed as usual .
How do they expect anyone to buy 19 lol.


  • Same thing happened to me. They said it was on my end but its funny how many other people this occured to.
  • Funny part was I went back the next morning and played game again even though it said I already got reward ,I won the game and the pack was in the unopened packs section.
    I can not believe a game with this many problems is simply patched up a bit and then pushed out as a new game .
    Until EA makes a REAL NEW NHL game I am done with wasting my money and time on EA.
  • at least you got your pack i never got mine for Monday's (6/18) i won it 3 times. i did not have enough items to get anything EA advertised so not going to worry too much but EA needs to make these UTs to all work the same. not being able to improve the base cards is the real crime imo.
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