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Retiring from NHL Franchise.

Ok guys, I see these types of posts a lot that "I am done with NHL" only for them to just carry on for the sake of it.

I am well and truly done, finished for a release purchase.

Here's some background.

I was late the the last gen party and NHL13 was my first real HUT and game experience from release date, it blew my mind, it was fun and I could compete. NHL14 was also good but since then meh. I could be burned out who knows but from playing nothing but NHL on my xbox360 I have simply got tired of the same exploit mechanics, fat man lag and just lazy rosters.

I am not based in North America and thus am generally out of market which makes trading harder on HUT as few cards are on the market and because they aren't there at that time in the initial few months it's actually more expensive HUT coin wise to build a side.

Obsession with special cards this year as also been a problem for me, the game is built around getting these to trade in for a special untradeable card.

I just want to play hockey and build a side slowly but EA in their wisdom have made it about beating the system by loot boxes, call them what they are. I just kind of wish their would be a mode for people like me who don't want to spend another couple of hundred pounds for something that has no real world value.

Also mathchup in the UK is terrible 99% of the time we get someone from scandinavia and this causes the epic fat man lag couple with what you guys in Canada would call playing someone from Quebec when we get a Finnish player (9/10 play like a complete ****).

The fun has dissapeared, something was lost in translation to current gen. The game just does not play well.

WIll probably pick it up when it drops cheaper if TeamGB are in the game seeing as they are now in Div 1 of Internationals but definitely not on release date as I have gone from probably a thousand games on 13/14 to steadily declining to about 100 on 18 and haven't touched it for months.

I give up.


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