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Ps4 failed to retrieve data

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edited July 2018
Error code 12041973d56ed33e-0000000000009999-72cc0df9482d0543 I get this code almost every time after trying to play another hut game after just playing one. I will get all the way to the ready screen which won't show my screen name when this happens lets me hit ready then gives me this error. Been happening for like a month now.


  • Boy have I got some bad news for you.

    This was happening to me for the past month or so, and one day in the middle of playing (well, i was on the main menu) my game shut off and it told me the game data was corrupt and I need to redownload. Didn't find it a big deal so I did. I redownload it and I open it back up, but this time, it told me my SYSTEMS data was corrupted and I needed to restart. Kinda sketchy but ok. Then, everytime I turned my console on, it said the data was corrupt and I needed to restart. I wiped my console twice and nothing has changed. My system is incredibly slow now and everytime I open something, my data corrupts. My hard drive is screwed so now I have to buy a new one for $100.

    TLDR; Depending on your console, you may need to wipe your console and replace a $100 hard drive
  • Its just weird I close the game and go back in and it's fine. Then play another game and same thing. Just strange don't have issues with any other game but ill try uninstalling and deleting the data.
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