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Lag switchers

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Hello. When game begins, my ping is normal (10-25ms) , but sometimes when game goes forward ping is even 700ms. I guess, that my opponent use lag switch.. My connection is 100/100 optical fibre and most of time i had green connection. I had suggestion, 30 seconds- one minute time to fix connection back to normal. Second suggestion, opponent drop off the game. This is very large problem, especially in HUT and division 1-3. My link is one of some kind of cases, but you will see reason there.

Stream link removed. - EA_Cian
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  • It almost a year, when I did this post. Nothing hear at all. Same problem continues in NHL 18 and nothing happened. When you banned people, because they using lag switchers and that kind of stuff to win games??

    Game is good, when connection is good, but this problem ruin the game. I wish than EA take this seriously, because this problem is larger at year after year.
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    Hey there, let's please not necro threads, whether we made them or not. As you called out - this thread's a year old. That in mind, I've closed it.
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