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Missing reward.

I never received my daily reward for completing Tuesdays challenge. How do I go about getting this?


  • Was just told by customer service to post this here to get my reward. Based off of the other posts in this forum I am reading that there is no help here.
    Can someone please tell how I get this missing reward?
  • Still waiting for help from the development team that is supposedly on here helping resolve these issues.
    Seems like customer service was just trying to get rid of me and not help solve the problem.

    Anyone on here ever get their missing content from EA?
  • Socair
    2485 posts Game Changer
    Hey @1mtg85. We don’t really have the ability here to help you with this issue. EA help likes to send people here, but when it comes to problems with packs or things not unlocking, this isn’t the place to get help. This forum is more for game discussion and some simple tech related questions, but we’re all just players like you.
    If you haven’t posted over on Answers HQ yet, try that. There’s more of an EA staff presence there. https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Reports/bd-p/nhl-18-bug-reports-en
    NHL Series Game Changer & Volunteer Moderator
  • Those websites seem like another dead end to me.
    Just looking over the previous questions asked and most say the same thing. No help is coming.
    Why can't they just give me the reward they say I received but clearly am looking at the rewards screen saying I haven't.
  • Now they are telling me they see I have completed all possible 13 challenges but I still only have 12 rewards.
    Told me to do today's challenge and I should get 2 separate rewards when the servers synchronizes.
    This sounds like being blew off to me.
    I wonder what the chances of actually getting this reward are.
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