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Will I be able to use legends in regular edition or do I need to pay the extra $$ for the legends edition? Any idea which legends will be available??


  • @Jeff14erin
    I think this is the website you want to check out.

    I'm sure you can use legends in the regular edition, but the only way you will be able to get them is by unlocking them through packs. (Or the buy/sell market if that is still a thing) The other editions will definitely give the legends to you on day one.

    I just wish these editions provided something more for the players that don't play HUT. Getting the new Chel gear is nice I suppose. But even that isn't enough if an incentive for me to shell over more money
  • Yeah as a someone who doesn't play EA Ultimate Team modes (I've learned my lesson the hard way) there is little reason to not just get the Standard Edition. That's what I did.
    Hope this game is great, I really look forward to it.
  • Legends will be in the game in both online and offline modes, no matter the edition you purchase.

    Special editions are basically incentives for the HUT mode which includes some day one legends and weekly packs depending on the edition you order.

    If you have no intention of playing HUT or receiving weekly bonus packs then go with the standard edition and as HockeyCityUSA stated they could be attained through challenges, packs, or on in the auction house.
  • Is there team Soviet Union? The real legend team...
  • They just released a video advertising legends on their NHL teams.

    They stated yesterday that you won't be able to put the legends on to NHL teams when the game comes out.

    So I don't believe anything that comes out from EA right now.
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