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Dressing Room Error - PS4


  • I'm Florida so i was actually wondering the same thing. I'm hard wired good internet and everything..I'm lost at this point
  • John403 wrote: »
    Nope. Western Canada. Definately not isolated.

    Idk if that makes me feel better or worse
  • Maybe it has something to do with hardware compatibility? I had this problem in beta with my routing modem. After I switched my Cisco cable modem to bridge mode and attached it to separate router everything started working. Only way I could play with old setup was to restart the game after every match
  • So i keep getting 2 errors and I’m not sure what the problem is, the first consists of when i try to play ones mode in world of chel, if i don’t immediately start a ones game when i open the game I’ll get as far as the starting match load screen but the match won’t load i get a dressing room error.. also after i play the first match in ones it will not load the second match it takes me back to the ones start screen and again will go as far as show that it’s starting a match but then i get the dressing room error, now after a frustrating period of time i decide ok so let’s try pro-am in the world of chel and then i get a whole different error which crashes the game and i have to restart, i know it’s not my internet because first I’m on a lan cable and second i will exit the game to test the connection and everything is good, dl speed almost 100 mb/s ul speed around 30 mb/s, I’ve opened all ports and done everything i can including calling my cable company to see if it’s an issue on their end and ended up upgrading my internet speed from 50 mb/s to 100 mb/s, i haven’t really run into this issue except for when i try to play online modes and/or switch from online modes to offline modes.. very frustrating considering i got the ultimate edition on preorder, still haven’t received all of my loyalty rewards it only gave me the loyalty rewards for owning nhl18 but not nhl16 or nhl17, and I’ve been playing since nhl14.. i spoke to someone at ea help and was very polite when my content was missing and they told me their is nothing they can do and to wait until the 14 when the game is released.. i don’t understand why i paid extra to get the pre-order if I’m not even able to play the full extent of the game or get the rewards i paid for.. very disappointing so far..
  • I will never get the early editions again that's for sure. If at all
  • Same issue with DR errors. Tried to play this morning. Got into 1 game, got 7 DR errors. So disappointed that I spent the extra $20 for early release. It feels like I’ve spent more time trying to get into games than actually playing. But others I’m playing with are able to get in. I don’t get it, but I’m wasting their time as well.
  • I'm having this same issue. A few things I have noticed. When I am in the dressing room, my player always has on the same Adidas sweatshirt that I haven't opened yet. Second, every time I get the "dressing room error" I am credited with a loss to my record. I had multiple losses before I was able to play any games. The only way I can get on a game is to restart my app. After every game, any game, doesn't matter what, I'm kicked back to the single DR. (Where you can customize you player,loadout, goalie or open bags)
    My PSN is ndrdog
    Please fix this. Thank you.
  • Day 1 played 8 games in 11 hours.
    Day 2 was 1 game in 3 hours.

    PSN affected: VampOfVegas and RRobins9

    I slid into Rammers DMs and he said match making or lack thereof errors. So it does seems high brass is aware. So thats good to know. I took 2 days off of work.. so sucks we only got 9 games in. Atleast i got my laundry done.

  • EA_Roger
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    Thank you all for the continuous updates & all of that you've been provided, we know that this isn't the experience you deserve and we are working to try track this down. As pointed out by @ZetterSyukStrom , the brass is aware and working on this.

    Our studio team have asked a few more questions to help them narrow this down further:
    • Can you make sure your entire party is "Ready" before the timer reached zero? If this has any impact on the problem please let us know as this may be linked to the issue at hand.
    • Can you let us know if you are encountering this issue from the get-go or is it during your second game (or after you finished a game)?
    • Videos help us the best as we can see your exact experience as it happens. With that in mind we have yet to see a video of the error appearing while the lobby is actively matchmaking, if you have a video of this it would be appreciated.


  • @EA_Roger
    -The error happens even in solo drop in games, so im not sure if it has anything to do with being ready or not.

    -In my experience the game works fine (loading screens are horrible but meh) but once you have played an online game mode, you get the dressing room error unless you close the application and reopen it.

    -I will provide a video in just a few minutes when I get the game to recreate the issue.

    Pretty disappointed that I paid the extra $20 to play the game early and it is more or less unplayable.... this is insane man. The main draw to the game this year was world of chel, so that game mode NEEDED to run smoothly. just another NHL years wasted by EA I guess.
  • Hawkgoalie
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    edited September 2018
    Here is a clip of the game working correctly. https://clips.twitch.tv/HeadstrongTardyDunlinStoneLightning

    And this is the clip with it giving the error: https://clips.twitch.tv/SmellyConcernedRabbitSuperVinlin

    Hope this helps this get resolved fast....

    Also, if it is needed my PSN is hawkgoalie

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  • Forgot to attach my psn

  • LouieDeuce8 is my psn also if needed.
  • Everybody in the room is ready before the counter reaches zero.

    Happens all different times, everyone of us on the team will get it at least once. Takes about 20minutes of trying to get in game til it works.

    Get the the dressing room error like everybody else is no code or anything.

    Psn- mtl2020 if needed
  • I feel like I spent $20 extra dollars to be a beta 2.0 tester. Very frustrating, I only play EASHL and seem to be the only one on my club with this issue. The worst part is I’m slowing down everyone else on my team getting into a match and it’s very time consuming. They seem to be just fine getting games without me... 😔

    I never had any issues like this on NHL 18 or any other game but I had some concerns when I was unable to play a club game at all in the 19 beta. I was confident EA would fix this issue before release because that’s what betas are for, right?
  • ZetterSyukStrom
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    edited September 2018
    I had thought it was my PS4 update.. Because I was able to play.. without the latest update. I had the latest version downloaded but not installed.

    So there may be different version of people’s ps4s trying to play eachother? But the fact I was able to play on not the latest PS4 software may be a spot to look into.

    I updated, however no changes were made on the matchups. However that doesn’t mean other people are not up to date unbeknownst to them...

    Also the quickest way to check if I’m not able to play is to go to ProAm and it’ll kick me out. If any dev wants to take control of my PS4, I’m more than willing.
  • Can play 1s and 3s but 6s dressing room error code every time what's going on
  • I believe this has something to do with the fact that last spring something happened with NHL 18 too. When playing dropins or club eashl games the first game would work fine but the next game had all the player names displayed as Loading or - in the dressing room. Before that I had no problems displaying psn or playernames

    Something changed server side I think. Maybe you guys could track down if there was somekind of server side patch? @EA_Roger
  • Been getting the dressing Room code error for hours. Tried restarting game and console but no change. Can't play with friends because the error code appears and i get kicked. Can only find some games playing on my own. I play on PS4
  • XxEyeburnxX
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    edited September 2018
    I have spent 2 hours tryingto play an eashl but keep getting dressing room errors. Please advise. If I can't play eashl I need a refund asap. Internet connection is over 100mb on test connection so where is there problem?

    {EA_Lanna: edited to remove profanity}
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