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Low population for drop in 3s and 6s -PS4


  • This system is better!
    Instead of dropping in right away...waiting and wondering...
  • trying to play drop ins solo is brutal...but why anyone would want to play drop ins is beyond me. the games even when you do get in remain a place with toxic players. your best bet is to find a club, there's 0 problems finding games either a)playing club or b) having at least 2 or 3 people searching drop ins together.

    also, the less pick you are on which position you play the easier it will be as well

    I would prefer to play Club exclusively. However. I got more "dressing room error" than club Games last night.

    Many people like me work rotating shifts or odd hours. Thus missing out on peak times to play club which is generally in the evening or weekends. Trying to get a club game going during the day is often an exercise in futility. Getting a club game going at the best of times can be very time consuming for people who are married and have families. I generally played 1000+ drops a year most of which were solo. Yes there are toxic players and it can be frustrating. However the convenience of drops is what made me come back time and again. It was nice to get a quick game in if you knew you only had a certain amount of time to do so.

    In 18 my club would often go to drops because we couldn't find a suitable opponent.

  • This system is better!
    Instead of dropping in right away...waiting and wondering...

    It may be better for you, but after hours of trying to get a game of 6’s or 3’s, I’ve played one game of 3’s and it wasn’t even a full lobby. Every other time the lobbies are mismatched or they time out due to lack of players.
  • Ya the lobby system was much better. I haven't been able to play drop-in. Some people don't want to find people to play club with, they just want to jump in a game. Lobbies at least consistently found games. However, last year I didn't find the drop in system to be too bad. The issue with this year is it only gives 30 seconds for the game to fill up and doesn't even start you with a full room. Either don't start the countdown until you have all 6/12 players, or make the countdown longer. Or just bring back lobbies.
  • I've literally been sitting here for 40 minutes right now searching for a drop in 3's game. I have my position set as Forward even though I want to be Center, at this point I'll play wing, I don't care. When I have it set for just Skater, it ALWAYS makes me a D Man and I have my dangler build so it's useless for that position, this is so frustrating. It's Saturday and I can't get in a game? Really? It's been like this since the 11th when I bought it, I assumed after launch it would pick up but it was the same thing last night. I NEVER had this problem on NHL 18, no matter how many toxic trolls there were in lobbies. If I backed out and searched again I would be popped right back in another room. I never once waited an hour for a game, this is ridiculous. Someone should stream and record how long it takes to find a drop in, EA and Rammer have completely been ignoring my tweets about this. Such terrible customer support, this is a HUGE issue...
  • I do hope this is nothing more than a hiccup as it is just days after release. However like previously mentioned, new players may not know of this issue and may get pushed away quick.

    I like drop ins because you cant always get a club going as quick or you just dont have time to set it up.

    The idea of lining up everyone for a game is great, but I wish the timer would reset and find someone quick.

    It almost works like a raid finder in WoW where people slot up for different positions. Only problem is it can be hard to find people lining up to play goalie, because they get picked up real quick.
  • I agree with you Taxman. If EA was hoping to attract the casual gamer, not being able to match make without putting a good 30 minutes effort into it isn't going to go over well.

    For the second night I've given up without getting a game in. Wasted enough time trying to match make only to lose connection.
  • I dunno why everyone is having issues, im in Ontario canada and can find games pretty easy, I wonder if its a west coast server issue? im also on PS4
  • I dunno why everyone is having issues, im in Ontario canada and can find games pretty easy, I wonder if its a west coast server issue? im also on PS4

    Seems like EA servers are all geared towards your area the last couple of years. Since 09, my game never had lag issues, 18 &19 are filled with lag here in the South US. It seems like EA has basically given the lower US the middle finger.
  • Could be west coast ps4 issue. But even so I have the best game location as relaxed and have never had problems finding games in past. 🤔
  • Ahsokahero
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    Bought this game mostly to play drop-in EASHL and haven’t been able to join a game yet. What kind of crap matchmaking system is this? The nhl 18 mess of guys waiting til the clock ran out then leaving was a pain but I’d get into games that were decent almost any time I tried. They screwed this up big time.

    I was in a very good and active club with strangers and only found someone on once and they had 6 guys ready to play. So no games in 3 days.

    [edited swear filter]
  • This doesnt make any sense to me. At night it says high but the wait is 5 mins then it times out.

    Its 5:30 am EST and it says low but I found a game in 15 seconds (too bad I have to work) but yeah, its messed.
  • Of course there is low population, the mode doesnt work. No one can find games because of the dressing room errors.

    But hey, HUT works! Big shock that the mode that makes them more money works flawlessly. Im so surprised...
  • Well, you're wrong in saying no one can find games, some people have problems, some dont. Impossible to say what the percentage is, but I don't think the issue is as bad in Europe than in America?

    Secondly, HUT is pvp and uses entirely different matching, so it's no wonder it hasnt' got the same issues as EASHL. I am guessing it's far simpler to code.
  • I'm from germany, we've the same problems over here.
    Im sitting here for 1 and a half hourse, trying to find a 3vs3 drop in game.
    Sometimes, but only sometimes, you'll find a game in like 20 seconds. And most of the times - wether low population or not - you really cant find a game.

    If you want to play 1vs1vs1, you only have to wait like 5 seconds. But who cares? This mode is not cool.
  • Well, surprisingly i just found a game.
    After two minutes of playing, the other team quit. Classic.
  • I've never seen a gaming company so out of touch with the players. EA stopped caring about gaming a long, long time ago. I doubt anyone making these decisions even plays the game.
  • I really hope this comes full circle and bites EA in the ****!
    Thats what happens when they decide to put more effort into goof suits and rotten game modes than a match making system that works. EA is more worried about catering to their advertisers than the people who buy this game year after year.

    VS is the only mode that works flawlessly for me.
  • MooseHunter10
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    I dunno why everyone is having issues, im in Ontario canada and can find games pretty easy, I wonder if its a west coast server issue? im also on PS4

    Also Ontario PS4, and was unable to find a drop 6s last night. Timer always said 5:00+ and would never find a game. Club worked, and Arcade 3s connected instantly, but unplayable with its lack of penalties.
    EASHL player
  • Today, I'm waiting about 20-30 seconds to find 6v6 games...but the matchmaking system is so broken, it only throws in 2-4 per side, and usually only 3, which means most people back out.

    And, I've been paying attention, and it's not the same players each time, which means the system COULD throw 12 players in a room, but doesn't. It's clearly broken.
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