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Not even sure what to say anymore. Menus, transitions, general navigation still slow as molasses



  • Sgt_Kelso wrote: »
    Nah that's not it, even if I haven't vacuumed the insides of my PS4 Pro, I don't need to. It's not that it's dusty, my console doesn't make that much noise in any other game, and in fact, once I get an actual NHL19 game going, the noise dies just completely. ITS JUST IN THE CHEL MENUS.

    It was the same last year, only it wasn't in menus, it was during a game, when I was sitting in a penalty box. Huge noise there, nothing anywhere else. Go figure.
    Very interesting.

    I'm pretty sure that (any version of) NHL is far away being the heaviest game for consoles to run. Especially for the most powerful ones (Pro&X).

    But again, if it's just a SW problem, it should appear for all of us.

    Sometimes you just have to scratch your head because of these things.
  • yeah, it's pretty baffling to me too. I know there are differences in sound-levels of cooler fans between individual consoles, some have even returned back theirs to get a quieter one. I don't consider my unit to be too loud in general. I play many single player games without headphones, so I am pretty well aware of the sounds the console makes when under stress.

    I think there was some game which caused it to huff and puff at max level. Might have been No Man's Sky? With it, I'd rather use the headphones do drown that racket. :)

    I haven't thought about changing the fan and it's conductive paste yet, but I know some people have done that because they dislike the noise. I don't see the need for that in other games, even if my unit is already past the warranty period.

  • I agree the menu system they have used is pretty bad. Just too many clicks to get to where you want to go.

    Would rather see something like PSN/Xbox where you got the top categories and then dropdown menu pertaining to those areas all listed to the left. Simple is always the best when it comes to menus

  • I actually went through the process of timing the game from when I launched it to when I loaded into franchise mode. So from the point of clicking on the game tile on the PS4 Pro (with an 2 TB SSHD) home screen to loading into Franchise mode to that home screen it took one minute and twenty five seconds.

    Which about half of that was checking online connectivity and loading into franchise mode.

    If EA can somehow figure out a way to streamline the load times between opening screen, the loading screen and roster screens in franchise mode the overall menu itself wouldn't be as bad.
  • That was loading a saved game, and not starting a new franchise season? Doesn't the game connect to online servers for dowloading the save (in cloud) and/or checking for roster/slider updates etc.?
  • Correct that was loading a save file. Starting a new one takes longer for obvious reasons. And I don't think the game loads from the cloud, games like NBA 2k used to and possibly still do but I don't think EA has ever done that. I wonder if that may be faster.
  • Sgt_Kelso
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    I might be wrong, but I thought at least in 18 the game loaded or checked something on the server each time I loaded and saved a franchise game? I seem to recall I got a few times some error when the game was unable to connect the servers too, the game saved locally though even then.
  • I'd have to go back and look but I was never aware of that. I don't even know how I could or would even check.
  • The menu layout is a downright eye sore with unnecessary button clicks. But no doubt, it is slow as hell. Take for example the daily challenges, you have to click on them, select the challenge you completed, click on it again to claim the reward, then the system kicks you out the "main menu" and you need to do it all over again. This is so redundant.
  • Maybe you could disconnect / turn off your modem? But I am not sure if I am correct, maybe someone else with better knowledge could chime in?
  • Everything is working really well for me.
    There does seem to be a issue with getting full 6s in dropins.
    A lot of 4v5 only one goalie per side etc.
    It might be due to the fact that people do not understand the new way that drop-in’s work
  • Or maybe that nobody wants to play goalie in drop-ins? Nor d-men....
  • Thought I would add to the earlier posts that i also have problems with fan speeds in menus with this game.. I also have had the same problem with fifa 18 in certain menus screens.. it is silent when playing a game....It was like that from the start with my brand new ps4pro so its likely not a dust issue....hope it gets fixed some day....
  • Socair wrote: »
    Sgt_Kelso wrote: »
    I don't mind the speed of the menus, I am more worried how loud my console's fan gets when in menus, it's humming much louder than during an actual game. Why would the fan ramp up so much in menus?

    When was the last time you used compressed air to blow out your console?

    I actually have the same issue, does this actually help?

    It’s a good idea to do that every now and then...especially if you notice the fan running loudly when it normally hasn’t. Depends on the game of course...so if a game that normally doesn’t make your console hot suddenly does, you ought to give it a cleaning.

    I'll see what I can find to blow the dust away. I usually don't have any cans of compressed air hanging around. Can anything else be used?

    You can use a clean and dry paintbrush and wipe it along the air vents. You will remove the dust accumulating on the outside while not blowing some dust into the console. Preferably a new paintbrush should be used.

    I guess a toothbrush could do the same thing.
  • "This is what we all get with a 9 month development cycle. "

    Too generous to EA, 90% of the game is the same from year to year, so they have 9 months to work on the 10% that changes from year to year.

    Every year same issues

    Game speed too slow
    Too much latency/input delay
    Skaters have delayed/slow response and controllability
  • > @BruinsHockey08 said:
    > (Quote)
    > I actually have the same issue, does this actually help?

    Yes, because dust and other particles can clog up the fan and prevent it from properly running.

    As for why it happens on this game... unsure why the devs won't address it, but it is also the answer to the OP's question: this game has a ton of bleep running in the background which consumes tons of memory. That's why the menus are slow and why the fans have to run louder to cool off the drive. It has to work overtime just to load all the useless animations that absolutely no one asked for.
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