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Low population for drop in 3s and 6s -PS4



  • Harvey from EA has been responding to me on Twitter and let me know they are working on this problem right now. Im worried everybody will be gone by the time it's fixed and we won't get any games in the end anyways...
  • Ya first impressions is everything last year 18 had a shaky start with looping till December, than you start playing the same clubs over again because people left because of the issues
  • Moxrox84 wrote: »
    Today, I'm waiting about 20-30 seconds to find 6v6 games...but the matchmaking system is so broken, it only throws in 2-4 per side, and usually only 3, which means most people back out.

    And, I've been paying attention, and it's not the same players each time, which means the system COULD throw 12 players in a room, but doesn't. It's clearly broken.

    I have played around 15 drop-in games and only one game was actually 6v6. Of course this is while wasting many hours just trying to find games. It is pathetic. I am usually browsing on my phone while matchmaking just so it is not a complete waste of time.

    Not only is the matchmaking broken, it also takes control away from you with the size of the games. There are no search options available. So, people are getting thrown in games that are 5v3 and such when they want to play 6v6 or 5v5. Then people will back out and everyone's time is wasted. We should be able to set parameters/filters on what we want to search for. For instance... I obviously prefer a full 6v6, but if there are not enough people online, I will play a game 3v3 if there is at least one human defense on the other team. We should be able to customize the matchmaking to accommodate our preferences. That way we are not wasting time getting thrown into games we don't want to play.

    It also seems that the session is locked once you get in and the 30 second timer starts. I have never seen anyone else join the session.

    Another terrible change this year is not keeping players together in a lobby after a game has ended. Seriously, why are we taking steps back? The game should be evolving and not getting worse. Don't even get me started on the clown gear, outdoor rinks, lack of commentary, lack of arena atmosphere and general downgrade to the drop-in format.... SMH

  • Good to know someone at EA knows this is an issue. I think I have gotten into one drop in 3v3 game on the day of release but none sonce. Ive been checking every day and it always seems to time out which is unfortunate.

    Hopefully its a quickly resolved issue because a lot of my friends are waiting on what I think of the game before purchase, and so far the online is still a question mark.
  • How is this still an issue?
  • 6s is dead because of backing out.

    3s you can get a game takes forever to find anyone.

    3s arcade is also low.

    They must all be playing club or other modes.

    The only reason why people play 6s drop instead of club is because they want to cherry pick friends vs random.
  • This Population thing makes no sense at all just another broken thing in EA Games. I have never seen it say anything but LOW here on the west coast, where literally EA Sports is located in Canada. I played with people yesterday 2 in Arizona and 2 out east somewhere, the 2 in Arizona one of them had it showing Low and one of them had Medium? They live in the same place why would it say anything different for them? And of course when it says Medium the avg search time is less then the one saying Low, but they live like 10 mins from each other so why would it be any different? Then the other 2 players on the east coast again one had showing Medium and one had Low, why would it be any different for population? Especially if we're all in the same party looking for the same game together why wouldn't it show the population different for all of us? This literally makes no sense at all, and just proof it's just broken crap by EA.
  • The problem with this game is not the matchmaking system,it is the game itself, people are tired of all the teams that have no skill, and only know how to do one move every time, once they tone down the glitch garbage and make the AI not super human, it would be alot better
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