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Be a pro NHL season end after playoffs?

I don't really how it goes in real life, I don't follow hockey, just play the games but I'm pretty sure you move on after you win your playoffs opponent? I played in Nashville Predators and played against Anaheim in the playoffs. After 5 games I win and should move on? Right? Season just ends then, no new games and I get a message we didn't make it to the finals.
Sorry my bad English.


  • If this is true I honestly would be livid because I play every game in a season. To get that far and have it all end in a glitch? I'd put the game way forever
  • This is true, it happened in NHL 19 as well. Before we panic though there is a quick fix. once you get past a round, you cant keep simming or for some reason it sims the rest of your playoff games. you have to stop simming then go to your calendar and sim one day at a time until your next opponent pops up! trust me on this. it happens in all modes. I do BAP and same thing.
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