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Club looking for cycle/position sound players



  • Been playing EASHL for a few years now.. just been casual but would like to start playing with a friendly club. Prefer RD. Simple, defense first skater. Tried adding you Vella to no avail. Feel free to add me if you need another clubbed. PSN: Creezey
  • Hey Vella! Same issue here. Hard time finding your PSN. I have been playing EASHL off and on since 09 about. Have always been on cycle style positionally sound teams. Was an active member of eashlforums. I prefer LW but also play RW and LD. Early 30's and going to grab a new mic next week. My PSN is TheFadedLine
  • Not sure why a few of you have issues finding me. If you type in vella exactly it should be the top one.

    Also, the team has been quite the success, i think we're 32-20-9 or something like that with a great, chill bunch. However moving forward with such interest generated, it should be known that anyone that joins now may run into the 6s room being full and may have to play 3s (if it works at the same time,not sure yet) first come first serve. And over time we may trim the fat, but overall a pretty laid back, have fun first mindset, were not playing for money afterall lol.
  • If you're still looking for players I can play RW/C/LD in that order. I'm a casual player in my mid 30's looking to play a few games a night around 7-10 pm EST. I'm casual but I'm also ranked 206 in threes last time I checked with only 56 games played. I avg 4.6 pts per game in NHL THREES. I just need a good team to play "real hockey" with. Username MARLEYZONROIDS, play any style you need.
  • Shifting our focus a bit for a couple more gritty players, we need a bit more physical play atm.
  • Definitely interested! Can add some grit to my play and drive a hard forecheck. Where can I try out for the club?

  • Update. If you club hop, you're not getting a 2nd inv.
  • I couldn't agree more! Club hopping is ridiculous.. Show some commitment you know?

    Where can I try out?
  • Nahhh
  • Nahhh to what? Trying out?
  • Yeaahhh
  • Automatic roster spot? I can put up some really good offensive numbers. Especially since it seems like your team might be struggling a bit.
  • Socair
    2815 posts Game Changer
    I’m not exactly sure what’s going on here between Vella/MrBonz, but if you’re not being invited to the club, please don’t harass the OP, since it’s their recruitment thread.
  • Good eye socair. This guy has been a bother for almost a week now, both on my post and in DM.
  • Mid 40's SW Ontario mostly play D. Enjoy cycling and setting up. But not a master by any means. PSN: Dr.Johnny Fever
  • Right on man ill add you shortly!
  • Can't find you. Add me instead
  • DrJohnnyFever_1
    This is accurate now.
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