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Top 200 THREES player needs club.

I've basically been playing threes since the game came out (56 games) to level up. My team has been relegating me to defense for years (since 07) and I'm fed up with it. I'm good at defense, but I prefer to play forward (rw). I have 4.6 ppg in Threes so I can put up some points. I'm great at finishing one timers, helping out on defense and I'm a great breakout passer. I play RW/C/LD and I can play any style, small or big. I'm 36, live on the east coast of U.S and usually will play a few games between 7-10pm EST. My username is MARLEYZONROIDS. PS4. If your team doesn't move the puck don't bother, I,m not trying to play with a bunch of heroes.


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