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PS4 Div 3 club looking for all positions.

Only have 2 people in the club right now and need to fill up the roster to try and reach d1. message me, VOLENEC41


  • im down
  • If still looking for players? I’m looking for a team to roll into chel 19 if it’s going to be fairly active, I’m on mountain time and free in evenings . I’m fairly new to eashl but been crushing the chel series since 09’
  • I’m in too send me invite
  • If interested, join our club for NHL 19. We're already 19-0-5. Shooting to be back in Division 1 within the end of the week. I've won multiple playoff cups, averaging 4-5 points per game, 1000+ goals. Can really play any position, including D. Currently I play with 2's or sometimes games with 3ppl. But it gets old. Want to play with a full team of consistent players who have a good cycle and forecheck. We're on the east coast.

    My online ID is: D1RTYGARD3NG1RL

    Feel free to check my stats if needed. If you're interested shoot me an add/message and we can play.
  • Marleyzonroids
    18 posts Member
    edited September 2018
    I'd be interested in joining your club if you weren't highjacking everyone's posts.

    [edited for profanity]
  • Looks like you and Vella31CER would get along great. Thank you for the feedback Marley. Much appreciated.
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