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Dressing Room Error - PS4


  • John403 wrote: »
    I’m having to reload the app after every game or I don’t make it into the next game. Says dressing room error and I get booted. Sometimes even reloading doesn’t work. I payed good money to play this early release and can’t even do that. Is there a fix incoming soon for this? Please advise ASAP.

    I have the same exact problem. Ps4 Chel 6v6 or 3v3. Can't find a game if i try by myself and when i'm with friends and the game is finally loading i get dressing room error or game disconnects when loading. I also have problems getting into existing rooms with friends. I get some really long number error. Apparently someone at EA was spending too much time deciding what combination of fifty digits of numbers and letters to use as an error code and too little time trying to prevent the error in the first place :#
  • I just read on reddit that a guy’s wife is getting it but he doesn’t and they’re on the same network. That seems to shoot the “home network” theory to pieces.
  • @Thrustie could you link that? EA will probably ask for it anyway.
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/EA_NHL/comments/9gg2rk/issues_getting_everybody_into_eashl_games/

    It’s somewhat vague as it doesn’t specifically mention “Dressing Room Error” but it almost certainly is when he describes her not making it into the game.
  • Socair wrote: »
    Hey guys. Would some of you mind testing a fix that seems to be working for a club mate of mine?

    Delete your user profile from the NHL 19 save data. It doesn’t delete when deleting the game, so it’s like a separate save. You won’t lose progression, but you’ll have to redo your players just as if you deleted the game.

    Reply if it works.

    Didn’t work for me. Got the error on the first drop in game I tried.

  • Here we go again boys.... Another weekend where the devs go silent and we are all unable to play EASHL for ANOTHER week. This is insane man
  • Are you guys ever going to fix this issue?
  • There really needs to be some sort of compensation here. Aside from not being able to play the mode we bought the game for, the amount of time spent trying to fix the issue on our own end adds up to a lot of wasted hours.

    I tried the deleting profile thing, and managed to get into three games in a row before getting hit with constant dressing room errors again.
  • Hawkgoalie wrote: »
    Here we go again boys.... Another weekend where the devs go silent and we are all unable to play EASHL for ANOTHER week. This is insane man

    They haven't said anything since yesterday afternoon. Then when they do say something it's just more stuff we need to trouble shoot on our end. Its absolutely ridiculous if you ask me
  • Pini1123
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    edited September 2018
    I am getting the dressing room error when trying to play club 100% each time. I've tried at least 30 times. Be it 3vs3, 6vs6, be it full dressing room or half.
    Funny thing is 1's work. 1vs1 work. Drop in works. But 6vs6 drop in doesn't work.
    I have tried all the fixes under the sun:
    * connecting with mobile hot-spot.
    * even connecting with different Internet provider and router!
    * opening ports.
    * hard reset on ps4
    * reinstalling the game
    * deleting saved data
    * reopening the game
    * resetting connection.
    * me being captain.
    * me not being captain.
    Did I miss something out? :smiley:
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  • I just called EA Support about this and sat 30 min
    and shall got an email in a bit on "how to solve the issue" Wish me luck!
  • Sebban1995
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    edited September 2018
    Got this on my email can someone else try it also so they know?

    Thank you for contacting EA help.

    As per the description of the issue, I can see that you are experiencing issue with NHL 19. Technical obstruction can be a bit confusing, however this one should be easy to fix.

    1. In the main menu XMB, using the controller scroll right to the Settings.
    2. Scroll down to Network icon.
    3. Scroll down to Test Internet Connection
    4. The PlayStation 4 will now test basic network information

    1. Press and hold the powerbutton on the console for 10 sec
    2. Once the console is off, remove the power-cable from the back
    3. Leave it for another 10-15 sec
    4. Plug everything back in, start the console and check your game

    1. In the main menu XMB, using the controller scroll right to the Settings.
    2. Select Initialization
    3. Choose Restore default settings
    4. Restore

    2. In the main menu XMB, using the controller scroll right to the Settings.
    3. Scroll down to System Software Update icon and select it with X button.
    4. If there is an update available, choose the option Update Using Internet and select it with X button.
    Note: You can find other ways to update PlayStation 4 System Software on the Sony Support Site: http://us.playstation.com/support/systemupdates/ps4/
    2. In the main menu XMB, using the controller scroll right to the Settings.
    3. Select the option for PlayStation™Network/Account Management.
    4. Choose Restore Licenses
    5. Select Restore.
    6. Restart your console

    2. From the main menu of your PS4 profile, navigate to Settings
    3. Scroll down to either “Applications Save Data Management” or “System Storage Management”
    4. Select “Save Data in System Storage”
    5. Select “Delete”
    6. Select either the game in question (for example: NHL 16) or you may have to select “Other”
    7. Delete the game (ex: NHL 16), Profile Save Data

    *Follow these steps if you need to delete and re-download Add-ons/DLC on a PlayStation 4 in order to troubleshoot a licensing issue.
    1. To delete the DLC, advise the player to go to the PlayStation Menu Bar and select the following:
    2. Select Notifications
    3. Select Downloads
    4. Select the Product that the player is encountering the issue with.
    5. Press the Options button on the controller and select Delete.
    1. To re-download the DLC, advise the player to go to the PlayStation Menu Bar and select the following:
    2. Select Library
    3. Select Product
    4. Select My Add-ons..
    5. Select the Product that you wish to download.
    6. Press the Options button on the Joypad and select Download.
    7. The Add-on/DLC will now re-download.

    1. Press and hold the Power Switch for approx.. 10 seconds. The console should chime a notification sound to inform the player it is starting in Safe Mode.
    2. When the PlayStation 4 make the notification sound, de-press the Power switch.
    3. The PlayStation will now begin in Safe Mode.
    4. Select 5th option - Rebuild Database
    Note: This action scans the drive and creates a new database of all content and may take a long time depending on the type and number of data items.

    Please don't share names of people, inculding advisors on the forums. - EA_Cian
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  • EA_Roger
    1483 posts EA Community Manager
    @Sebban1995 , I want to be honest and set your expectations on this. This agent should not have promised you that this would resolve the issue as we are still investigating this on our end. These steps are basic connectivity & PlayStation troubleshooting steps. I would also discourage you to do the last step as it's very time consuming and isn't linked to the issue at hand.

    @all Thank you for continuing to try these workarounds, I know this has been going on a long time now and you are (rightfully so) running out of patience with us. I'll try to update this on a daily basis even if it's to let you know there is no update if you prefer. We are still working on this on our end and we don't expect the troubleshooting steps to magically fix everything but every little piece of information you've been provided has helped us get closer to a fix. Thank you for bearing with us.
  • @EA_Roger any feedback is good feedback when dealing with an issue that is very most definitely on the end of you guys, simply with the sheer volume of people and the fact everyone is spread out and have different ISPs, setups, etc.

    The main thing everyone is looking to do is play the game, and since we can’t do that, we want to know how we can be compensated for the lost hours of gameplay.
  • well boys another week gone because lord knows the devs aren't going to try and fix the game they had people pay for because well they don't work on the weekends.
  • @EA_Roger I believe I speak for many when I say the EA community needs to be completely transparent with this issue. Updates (even if NO PROGRESS is made), will be very helpful to the company and the community. If it were up to me, I would make part of this process of attempting to solve these issues working closely with the users experiencing issues. Want more help? I will live stream everything to y'all. I will run you through my setup, MAC, IP, etc etc, ps setup, ports, etc. If you can get the piece to the puzzle from a bunch of us, maybe we can find some similarities and make progress. That being said, platser these forums, reddit, and whatever else with just a "here is where we are at" kind of notice. That will never hurt. What hurts more is people trying to get a refund and cannot, search the internet and find only small bits of information and become more frustrated. I hope that holds value here, and I wish y'all luck as I thoroughly have enjoyed the few games I have not been kicked from.
  • Hey I pre ordered the game and got one match of EASHL before I started getting consistent dressing room error. Is there anything I can do? Thank you.
  • I dont understand how I can play multiple games of ones but not drop in or club. I will get error code a few times in ones but when it finally does go I can play until I level up. As soon as I level up it will boot me to the main menu everytime.
  • Honestly feeling defeated and like we are just stuck with a broken game. I spent $70 on a game that i straight up can not play. All I care about is EASHL, so when you guys hyped world of CHEL I was INSANELY excited about this years game. Now that excitement is beyond gone and I literally just want my $70 back.

    Between dressing room errors and the cosmetics being USELESS in 6v6s and 6v6s being outside and no commentators the game just sucks man. its sad that EA has buried such a wonderful game man
  • Everyone listen the way to fix error codes is go to the main menu, go to settings go to online settings. And turn off EA's client monitering.
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