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Looking To Play Competitive Sixs? Check Out LeagueGaming.com!


LeagueGaming.com offers free-to-play simulation 6v6 hockey!

What I mean by simulation, is we offer all 31 NHL teams, all 31 AHL teams and all 60 CHL teams!

Rosters are made up of 17 skaters - (9 forwards-6 defense-2 goalies)

Sign up today at www.LeagueGaming.com

Any league questions can be sent to me on Twitter @LG_Commissioner or on Discord LG McDonald#5572
Ea GameChanger NHL 17

LG Commissioner

LeageGaming.com, best 6v6 League


  • How does it work exactly?
  • Murbayn
    24 posts Member
    edited September 2018
    You sign up for the season and pick your position. You have to start out in the CHL.
    Once season start gets closer you'll see scouting games pop up in forums and pickup games on the website.
    Scout with some teams, might get feedback or not lol
    Then it goes to a bidding stage. The owners of the teams bid on players they want and whoever pays the most wins (not real money).
    If not picked up you're randomly assigned.
    If you got nodded on, that's your team. Play good though or they can trade you or send you down to TC (players on their team not on roster.
    Hope this helped some. For more indepth info got website. On menu once you sign in (top left) select CHL PSN (for PlayStation), or just CHL for Xbox. Takes you to the page you need.
    I love it BTW!
  • Interested.
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