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AI speed boost?

Been around for as long as I can remember; what is the reasoning behind the massive amount of speed/energy an AI gets when a player blows past them on a breakaway or there is a puck dump? It's insane how fast they are able to catch up to people.


  • I’ve lbeen caught almost every time when on a breakaway and my guy is 5’10 180... it’s crazy bad
  • It could be that but I think they reduced the quick first step. It is much more obvious now compared to the beta in my opinion.
  • Just remember this info... the CPU has whatever stats it wants when it needs them.

  • ExSnake01 wrote: »
    It could be that but I think they reduced the quick first step. It is much more obvious now compared to the beta in my opinion.

    I don't think it has anything to do with the human's first step and everything to do with the AI getting 99 speed and acceleration in a second and catches up with you in 3 strides. If you ever see this, go back on the replay and play it in slow mo, watch how much faster the AI legs move than yours. It's so noticeable.
  • j0rtsu67
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    And before someone comes and says "AI doesn't use energy hustling all the time, only when it's needed", yet this happens even at the start of the period when my character has full green bar... It's just plain cheating.
  • The AI in this game blatantly cheats. They have super speed and will catch up or beat you to loose pucks. If you skate anywhere close to them, they just take the puck away without hitting or poking you, it just magnetizes to their sticks and they're off. Hit them and try to get the puck, they'll get back up before you can even get the puck and retain possession. Every try to pin them against the boards and try to take the puck away? good luck with that, you might have possession for a slight second but they just take it back instantaniously. Bottom line is that EA should have made the AI smart but instead they just made them cheat
  • You've been KURTZ'D!

  • The AI, forced mechanics, and the overriding of your inputs to cause turnovers to the AI makes this game a total bomb once again. The devs did a great job with meeting players in the middle by offering the leveling up and customization of your players stats. However any competitiveness has been ruined by the AI and CPU taking over the game and deciding the outcomes. This will never be an E-sports game as long as the current devs are still working on the game.
  • I agree the AI should get a speed boost, they also shouldn't be able to win every puck battle.
  • The AI will never fall for a quick lateral movement juke. It can randomly have a magnet to you and predict your every move. Also it can pin you to boards when your feet away from them, and push you from behind and take puck away from the push alone somehow?
  • Just adapt guys! Avoid the AI! Stop spamming yourselves into the AI!

  • GauthierQC
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    To follow my post I did about the AI, I am building a clip bank right now showing just how OP the AI is on defense. This design is Fubar. The Mario Kart effect is also very present.

    Please @NHLDev, please explain to us the logic behind a 0.000000001 sec reaction time from a bot. Please explain the random speed burst they have. I tried a 5'8" dangler at 160lbs still they catch up. Explain why when the AI is under pressure deep in its zone can 360 turn and dump the puck to a player mid ice? Please explain why you guys thought it would be fun to play against the AI when they play like machines on cocaine. We cannot dump (they are faster) can barely cycle til you get pinned and then you're efffed. What fun is left? All I see is exploiting the AI some way or another and look for that glitch shot. Stupid.

    Why can't people join a game in progress? Why am I stuck playing this cyborg AI when someone quits the game.

    FYI I'm speaking purely of the CHEL mode in drop-ins 6v6
  • No matter what happens, AI has ZERO latency. They will always be faster than any human controlled player.
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