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[BAP and Franchise] Not enough scoring, too many shutouts in simulation. Tweak league AI please.

Multiple 15+ shutouts and many going down from there when there should probably be only ~8 in 60+ games played.

and no, gameplay sliders are for just that, gameplay; they don't affect the baked-in league AI goaltending and player scoring.

Tweak AI please.


  • LeafsNation84
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    edited September 2018
    Just finished first season 32 team expansion franchise seemed more reasonable for me in terms of shutouts 3 goalies had 9 shutouts each 5 goalies had 8 shutouts each and 3 goalies had 7 shutouts each

    Scoring seemed to be up as well McDavid led the league 49g 49a 98p there were 3 50 goal scorers Malkin Ovetchkin and Tavares

    16 players who scored more than 82 points

    League average goals the last few years were between 2.7 gpg to 2.9 gpg
    In my league highest gpg 3.45 (Pittsburgh) lowest gpg 2.11 (Buffalo)
    So seems on par with real life averages
  • Cool thanks for the report. Three goalies with 9 toes the line for me, but definitely better than Jimmy Howard and several others getting 12.

    I'd still like some sort of Sim Slider though, for the players to dictate what type of league theme there is. It shouldn't be that difficult a concept since there's fighting, and penalty sliders (not gameplay).

    Hopefully scoring hovers around 98+ and SOs remain under 10 consistently.
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