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Change team colors during season in Franchise mode

I made a custom "32nd" team with custom colors and all but I forgot to check the away colors so now my home colors are okay but when I play away games I'm stuck with the generic EA colors.

Anyone know if it's possible to change the team colors after the season started?

I only played like one regular season game so far so I can reset if necessary but it would be nice to be able to change the colors if at all possible, if only to not go through the expansion draft and the entry draft, signing players and so on.



  • If it is like last year, you will be able to edit your jersey (home and away) once you reach the next off-season.
  • You can't do anything for team branding or jerseys until the offseason. But once you get to the offseason you will see a customize jerseys link quick links menu.
  • OK, I just started a new franchise last night. I only had the one game played so far so no big deal. It's too bad though, I had managed to sign a few big name free-agents that I couldn't secure last night. However I drew second overall and the pick I took is already elite NHL player at 18 so it balances out.

    Thanks for your help.
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