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Expansion franchise roster issues.

I've mentioned this in a few posts but I might as well make an actual topic for it.

It appears that, though you start your expansion team for the 18/19 season, the rosters and the like think it's the start of the 19/20 season, so the FA market is all over the place. Bobrovski, Panarin, Pacioretty, and Schmidt are UFAs, alongside true 2018 FAs like (formerly) Sbisa.

Additionally, none of the 2018 draft picks are the actual 2018 draft picks. For example, when you look up Rasmus Dahlin, he's already on the Sabres before the draft... and has been for a year, according to his contract (YR2 on his rookie contract). Dropping them into FA on the custom rosters fixes this bit, even if you re-add them to their team, but for some players that's impossible because they're impossible to find (Brady Tkachuk).

What makes this particularly odd is that both VGK Franchise mode and 32 team franchise worked in NHL18 with the proper rosters, FAs, and draft picks. Also, it is definitely the 2018-2019 season in-game. All of the awards are labeled 2017-18 and the date in the corner is 2018.

Has this ever cropped up before, and does EA bother fixing it? Or am I best off just playing like it's the 19-20 season and ignoring the actual year?


  • Theres 2 different roster options you can pick when you start your franchise i think i know i had the same issue i restarted changed it an drafted svechnikov 2nd overall i cant recall exactly but theres an option somewhere
  • LeafsNation84
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    Just loaded up the game to check for you when you start it gives you classic 32 team expansion with default roster 32 team expansion with custom roster you need to pick 32 team expansion with default roster not custom an it has the 2018 draft class
  • Ah, so it is the custom rosters. Figured I could use it to update the Pacioretty/Karlsson trades, but since it's broken I guess I'll just have to wait for roster updates.

    I wonder if there's any hope for the custom rosters to be fixed. Just because I'm importing a player/trade or two shouldn't make the year jump.
  • LeafsNation84
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    edited September 2018
    Yea after all the complaints about custom rosters in franchise last year looks like they rushed to add it in but didnt do any testing on it whatsoever because the year issue is apparent as soon as you start a franchise with custom rosters or they did test it and know about the issue but couldnt fix it and figured the backlash from wrong years would be easier to sweep under the rug than the backlash from not having custom rosters for another year but either way doesnt change the fact its broken hopefully this gets adressed soon maybe @EADEV could weigh in on this issue?
  • Any idea if this has been fixed? Would love to start a 32 team expansion with custom rosters after the opening week roster update comes out.
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