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Can't complete Semtember Monthly Ferraro Set

I have been collecting September Monthly collectibles since I started playing, and I finally have all 40 collectibles required to complete the Ray Ferraro set.

Only one problem, the game will not allow me to add the collectibles to the set.

The set breaks down the Items into 2 categories - 15 times single collectibles, and 1 section with a 25 times item requirement. 15+25=40.

I can add the singular collectibles just fine, but the whenever I click the x25 and search my collection, it says "There are no items that Match your search criteria, please try again".

I've tried adding all 40 items from the bulk selection screen and that doesn't work. It only lets you add 15. I've tried adding to the set from the collection screen as well, but that doesn't appear to be an option.

What do I do?


  • You need to complete the first two sets to get the x25 card finish the first set you get the 16x card for second set finish that set and you get the 25x for Rayyy
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