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You can pull the other teams goalie EASHL

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Playing EASHL 3's with a buddy earlier and while ahead in the 3rd period the other team pulled their goalie and called him back and next thing we knew we had 4 forwards on the ice. Now it didn't matter since it was already a blowout in our favour but they scored.

Naturally, we were thinking what just happened so I tried spamming the goalie pull/callback buttons and lo and behold we pulled their goalie. I couldn't reproduce this more than once but the fact we can do it at all is totally dumb

fix your game EA. You wonder why NHL sells the least for you well it's because of dumb poop like this. and don't give me some stupid response like "herp derp, a team was able to trick the other team into pulling their goalie in real life so we added it into 19"

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  • I've been playing this game for years and years. Calling bull. Should have recorded it
  • I've been playing this game for years and years. Calling bull. Should have recorded it

    Not bull it’s happened to us also. It’s nothing new I just quickly who’s goalie is being pulled and if it’s mine I’ll put him back.
  • monz
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    I've been playing this game for years and years. Calling bull. Should have recorded it

    Also happened to me
  • Kuus2
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    Someone reproduce and record it. Even happening to opponent.

    If that command can affect other team, how about other inputs which are traded way more than that in regular game?
  • If in fact this is true, this game just keeps on giving.
  • God_Of_Crist
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    Got this glitch in Clubs 6's! In the 3rd period the game is tied 2-2, for some reason they pulled their goalie and when their goalie comes back, our goalie left our net! I tried everything to bring it back and it was not working.

    So at a whistle i press on start to put it back, the pull goalie setting tells me that my goalie is already in net, so i'm thinking my goalie is back, but after the pause our goalie was still at the bench i even tried to go myselft at the bench to bring it back XD it did not work so they scored in the empty net and right after they scored my goalie came back...so we lost! Fun......
  • "we removed the ability for teams to pull goalies. it's fixed."


    just kiddin.

    but boy... if this is true and not a coincidence.... yeeesh.
  • it happened to our team also. 2 nights ago....he is no full of it. cost us two goals and the game in the last 3 minutes. it can be done
  • Our club saw this happen a number of times in NHL18 as well. We quickly went out to learn what the button you use to return the goalie to the net while in game.
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