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NHL 20 Patch Details April 3rd

Check out our April 3rd patch details here.

The traits

What's everyone's opinions on them? I like them, but not a huge fan of how they add a negative to another attribute...I think that part is something the should do away with. The buffs are almost inconsequential, there's no need for a negative aspect to them. Better passing should not mean your already weak wrist shot should take a hit. What about you guys?


  • I prefer the old gen version of customization of players, but this seems like a pretty decent compromise for folks that don't play 1000 games a "season".

    people wanted parity, others wanted variety and this was the best compromise they came up with to prevent "super builds" or whatever.

    I just really liked the old gen variety of teams and players you would run into. the argument was, once you got to the elite levels of club, most of the players had the same builds.

    either way, to me - it is way better than the Nintendo ES 8 bit system of "skinny, medium or fatty" we had on new gen until now.
  • sgiz1
    537 posts Member
    Also liked the old format of custom builds with +1,3,5 boosts, etc.

    EA could still use that, instead of playing to unlock just unlock them upfront so everyone has all attributes upfront to build/customize, etc. This would avoid the some are rookie and some are legend mismatch.

    However, short of that I'm ok with the new system for NHL19.
  • I miss the old boosts. Some of the traits don't even make sense. I shouldn't have to sit here and compute plus and minus. Just add damn points on!
  • As you progress, the next level of traits help more then they hurt.

    Why is the game pandering to people who don't play? I'm fine with people who play 1000 games having better perks/traits then me. They put the time into it. All you need to control is how much advantage it gives.
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