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CPU over passes.

I always felt the CPU didn’t take enough shots and I can’t stand teammate AI, which is brain dead but the CPU opponent AI is not that bad but they over pass......big time. This notacable in any game but it really stood out how ridiculous it was when trying to complete a challenge. Doing the daily evolution challenge I had to block 3 shots. I couldn’t get the CPU to shoot....I took intentional tripping penalties to give them constant 5 on 3s and intentionally turned the puck over. They would pass and pass and pass and pass.....no matter how many open chances they had. The games would end with them taking maybe 5-7 shots....I did complete the challenge eventually but please do something with the AI in this game.


  • j0rtsu67
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    edited October 2018
    I think they try to make challenges harder by making the opponent focus on those exact areas you have to accomplish.

    So, if you need to block shots, they don't shoot as much.

    If you need to limit their shots on net, they try to shoot from spots they normally wouldn't.

    If you need to get shots on net, they block your shots like crazy.

    If you need to get a PP goal, they stay away from penalty box.

    And so on.
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