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Is it just me or is the game worse after update?

I don't get it. It feels like my players are slow and stupid. The passing is terrible. The ai acting weird as they go the other way. When I try to get the control over a player, especially to try to get a lose puck when going to get a breakaway, I get all the other players besides the one closest to the puck. I thought this years game was surprisingly good, but I'm starting to think different...


  • Not to mension the auction is realy messed-up!
  • TTZ_Dipsy
    518 posts Member
    edited October 2018
    My players were already garbage before the patch, not looking forward to after lol
  • Played just one game so far after the patch and there were no tripping penalties taken. Felt like that poke check system was reverted to '18. I liked all the loose pucks and having to be extra careful with my poke check.
  • They had to revert back with the poke check cause all the scrubs just cry and complain that they can’t spam it anymore.
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