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Importing Legends???

Any chance the next patch will allow importing of Legends into an offline franchise mode?


  • This needs to be higher up. Hope this is fixed before end of November.

    The fact that we've waited this long to even put these legends on their own teams like how their own promotional video showed is unreasonable.
  • Ea sports - its not in the game
  • Farseglaren
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    Its been like six weeks since the forum manager told us they were "working on it".
  • I ran out to buy it opening day for this exact reason, what a crock ea has become. At least have th decency to let us know
  • If anyone is as impatient as I am, I found this website. You can find legends cards from years past and create your own legends. Do t give ea any $$ and buy packs to try and get legends . You will be suprised how many legends are in here.
  • ive been waiting for this since they first announced it on tv. i hope they figure it out by november
  • I knew I should've bought Spiderman. At least that would've kept me busy until the true final version of this game is released.

    With no legends for offline use + unfortunate tuner update + incomplete roster update with players removed...not a good 30 days after release support here, paying customer deserves more.
  • Its been like six weeks since the forum manager told us they were "working on it".

    They don't care. Sony Interactive or 2K please. These guys have proven time after time that they're not a true AAA developer.
  • Jeff14erin wrote: »
    I ran out to buy it opening day for this exact reason, what a crock ea has become. At least have th decency to let us know

    Ya.... I was prying and searching to find a definitive answer before release, because I was going to pre-order it the moment I heard or saw legends playing in Franchise or Season mode. On Twitter, no one was answering anyone about Legends or mentioning anything until the afternoon before the EA Access release. Then they finally said they are "Working on it". Meanwhile they've been advertising 200+ Legends this and that with Gretzky hoisting the Stanley Cup only to find out you have to purchase them in HUT or play the pre-made Legend All-Star teams that recycle much of the same players and lines. Pretty petty and sly if you ask me. I hate to bash the developers love they put in to this game but if they had communicated with the community I probably would have pre-ordered it anyway to support.
  • w_rhinno
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    ea sport sells 5 years the same game and finally they say yeah we put legends in game in multiple modes ...big lie ...you release incoplete game and you want 60-100 bucks for it tons of players have same questions wheres the legends in offline? and ea dont answer .....some apologize ..nothing ....but ea is definetly happy because have ours money 5 years same graphic and ea is unable to accomplish all player faces goalie masks ...for exaple i want hoisted the cup with player manual not an animation .... 900 new animation ?? its joke no? ...5 years ..and you dont put coaches ...scrumages...goalie injuries in game... international jerseys ... winter clasic in season mode franchise ... world cup thru season or franchise junior world championsip .. some old season with old players arenas ...many ideas ....what are you doing with the milion dollars when you dont purchse some licences

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  • Legends have been in like every game recent years. So when you can not use them offline what is the thing this year ea? Gretzky with the cup in oilers on the cover, and that is not even possible in the game. A total rip off.
  • Think we deserve some sort of update, it's been nearly 7 weeks since they've been "working on it".
  • I’m glad I bought nba 2k19 and not this garbage. It’s not hockey but at least they hook you up with the legends to do whatever you please.
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