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win 2 lose 1 win 1 lose 3 rinse repeat..

Seems to be a pattern, every time I start playing well, my team gets nerfed and I can't do anything. ..

Also, I'm getting matched against players 2-3 divisions above me?

What is going on with this game mode?

Is there ever going to be an answer?


  • I totally agree. Its really bad. Every other game franchise has advanced except NHL.
  • I just struggle to lose to teams that are clearly worse than mine. I mean - please tell me but even if a defender has the burner synergy activated how can Giordano (speed 86) starting on half way chase down a 99 speed forward starting on the blue line before he gets to the net to deke out the goaltender???
  • Currently I'm running a balanced team, 3-4 synergies active. A mix of 2-3 top players, some solid gold, cards, silver and 1 or 2 bronze. ..

    They played very well... then I start running into all star teams or players several levels above me and my team just can't keep up..

    It's not about losing to people with higher skill, it's all about team performance. ..

    My players can't check, can't escape the opposition, I'm constantly smothered. ..chasing all game long.

    My player A.I. no longer react the same, especially in the offensive zone. They miss open nets, and their shots have NO Power! !

    Now what happened? Is this all an illusion? I don't think so. I've played every version of this games since genesis.
  • Now, if you've read my last post...
    Oftentimes I'll adjust my squad and beef up the talent level, running top players in every position. ..

    I start winning again! , then I start losing to the same type of lineups mentioned in my last post...


    Again, it's all about PERFORMANCE. My team simply can't keep up. My connection is fine and ping is very low.

    What's going on??
  • Your right on the money you never get an answer from EA. Why? Also I too have played since Genesis. I'm hard wired to my modem. Forwarded all my ports. Download speed is 1gig a second 20meg a sec upload I live in London so the ping should be very good. Everything you said happens. I just want to know how the guys that win 10 or 11 in a row do it. I DON'T BUY PACKS ANYMORE, cause the better my team get the worst they play. I've played so much I can tell you all the indications of when your going to lose. Oh ya I average about 9 wins out of my last 24 routinely. Why. I think it's safe to say I understand hockey. I have a cousin in the hall of fame, and one who recently retired from the NHL.
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