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NHL 19 PATCH 1.3.0 - OCTOBER 26th @ 2 AM PDT


  • Thanks for the update! My question is for the Winnipeg Jets they recently updated their wordmark logo on their helmets to whats on their alternate jerseys. In the game the wordmark is on the helmet when you put on the alternates but on the home and away uniforms the wordmark on the helmet is the I guess now old from last year. Next patch will there be a update to that?
  • metaligoat
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    It's nice that things are being added and fixed, but you have an issue yet to be resolved that literally prevents people from playing the bleeping game: the dressing room error. I work in IT, so I get it, some problems are harder to fix than others, but this is ridiculous. Your "community managers" insisted that the DRE was a user-end issue for like 3 weeks when the game first came out. The "community manager" also said it was a new issue, and then people responded with links to the bug reports where dozens of people reported the issue during the beta. You could have been working on this since at least August. Meanwhile, sure, you fixed the "serving penalties on the bench instead of the box" error and some other stuff. Super. But those problems didn't cause people to have to wait almost an hour between games because the damn thing doesn't work, which has happened to my club more times than we can count. Issues like "serving penalties on the bench" didn't break the game to the point that entire modes became unplayable. The DRE does.

    You've had a game-breaking issue outstanding since day 1 of the beta and it's not fixed. That's unacceptable, and it's a miracle that anyone who's gotten the DRE is still even playing your game after putting up with it for this long. We paid actual money for a broken product and now almost 2 months later it's still broken. Fix it. Now.

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  • Nice update however we still can't change goalies during or at the end of period. Why. Also why can't we sell or trade the monthly bonus player I worked all month to get enough Oct cards to get Joe Nieuwendyk. And I can't trade or sell him. However I am able to sell or trade the guys you give me in the gold packs for a lot less Oct cards. Real dumb. Hopefully you have addressed the penalties. They totally slow up the game. Like Don Cherry says let them play. I think you know who Don is.
  • Kiata1515
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    Why can't NHL come to PC!?
    Someone please explain a good reason why we can't have such a great game... We can use controllers on PC so it's no issue for controls, graphics are fine to run the game.. WHATS THE ISSUE!? I've played NHL since NHL 02, I used to play on PC until you took that away from me and so many others, I'm really needing to know why.
  • Very disappointing that they still did not change the goal creases for the international leagues. The IIHF and along with them all leagues (e. g. DEL in Germany) have adopted the smaller goal crease as used in the NHL for some time. But the game still shows the old larger goal creases.

    A positive is that they updated all jerseys for the DEL teams. And now for the first time they also show all sponsor patches. You may like them or not, but that's what those jerseys look like in real life. So that's a positive. But why are DEL rosters not up to date? EA Sports should work more closely with the international league offices to also get the hockey world outside the NHL right.
  • lytko22
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    Penalty - please tone down. The game is great but unplayable due to so many penalty calls. In offline-season mode.Thanks.
  • what was not fixed:
    The deceptive GamePlay, which now also reaches the level of semi-professional.
    Sorry, I'm sorry, but can not understand that players from the WHL / OHL should be faster than my players.
    My team is Toronto
    I activated Synergy S + BU and BW.
    Ang: 90 Ver: 90 Gate 90
    My players are standing in front of the puck, there you can control how you want, it does not work, until the opponent is at the puck, from there the player wants to win.
    Does EA Sports have a contract with the crossbar or post ???
  • jawntee
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    While playing EASHL... you just have to stand around wait for the puck to come to you. If you pass it's guaranteed to get intercepted, if you poke or press X you take a penalty. Pretty much every-time. It's so boring. No fun factor. What are you guys thinking over there? Do you want people to actually play the game?

    Nothing like playing HUT with Mario L to get out hustled/worked by a level 65 computer player. Cooooooooool

    Furthermore this everybody wins algorithm you use.... it's awful. Quit it.
  • jawntee
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    Valpy77 wrote: »
    I've been an avid CHEL player since '06 - loyal to the game year after year and dedicated to HUT as a top 250 player (o Valpy o on Xbox) for years. Yes - there are errors, mishaps and overall gaps within the game/series. The effort of continuous updates/patches shows the dedication that EA has to making this the best hockey game on the market - no one even dares trying to compete. If competition is the answer to raise the bar of meeting EVERYONE'S complaints/issues - so be it. In the mean time, EA... Keep working hard in trying to make the NHL series the best product it can be! There should not only be hate - but appreciation. I APPRECIATE the heck out of the effort put in this game and I will continue to burnout playing CHEL regardless of negative feedback.

    Thank you for listening and putting up with all users and thank you for effort, EA!

    It would be one thing if the game had gotten better since 06. But the game has struggled since 2014. They make the only game because they own the rights. People would compete if they were legally allowed. This game is fundamentally broken at several levels. I too appreciate what they are trying to do. But c'maaaaaaan
  • Matchmaking in 6 on 6 Dropin CHEL is crashing
  • Patch is much appreciated. To me especially the update of the NLA and DEL jerseys. However, the graphical error on Rapperswil-Jona Lakers top scorer jersey is still not fixed. See pictures.

    Rapperswil-Jona Lakers: it should be without name and number

    this is a correct sample (SC Bern):

    Just a small bug, but would be nice if EA can fix it.
  • Game is terrible. Constant cheese goals every game. People find the glitch and abuse it. Too many penalties. And I literally had someone score a goal from behind the net on me. It’s insane how bad this game is and I am mad I wasted my money on it
  • Who knows how I can return my cash for this game? After the last patch, this game doesn't have any differences from NHL 18.
  • 1. I say for be a pro you should be able to walk out of the dressing room for pre game and skataround and take shots or for a golie save shots and watch the national anthem or have a choice like hold down x or a to skip it all I feel like people will have more fun with the mode
    2. Add a be a pro referee mode where you start in ahl and get called up and you can earn reputation to get rivalry games and playoff games and also you can have traits like you call a lot of penalties or the opposite, or you let fights go on for too long or the opposite, or you like to visit the review booth or the opposite, you can put in cutsences and control how the game is played like you can explain a close call to the coaches or don’t explain it to them it will be another game mode that will be really fun
  • Also make it as the period goes on the game gets slightly slower cause of the ice you could also do that in the shootout where the patch that is clean is faster than the part that’s not
  • Raftahman
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    Again, CHEL matchmaking searching endlessly and cancelling crash. Need to reboot the game to get the same problem, 4 times in a row now. I can't play... It's a video game.

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  • Remember guys, the legends in offline still aren't available. Gotta get them by next patch. Myself as well as other players are itching to play with them in franchise/season mode and move them to our favorite teams in offline.
  • My team is the rangers. I want Messier and the rest of the legends from that team plus a few others. But we can't put these legends on our favorite teams if they aren't available. We want them. Please have them ready.
  • Specializations
    Various fixes to specializations and traits

    what does this even mean? Can a dev elaborate?

  • Since the newest update, this game feels really unplayable, you can not hit the guy like before and the stick lift got worse it’s now and swordfight game. The sticklift goes through the players to get the puck oh man the beta was perfect. The poke check is like invisible now oh man. This was for me the last nhl after so many years of hope to get a good nhl game. Ea i don’t know what you are doing on mother’s earth. Do you even see how the game runs after patch after patch and tuners. Do you see the differents between the Beta and now ? Everyone liked the beta.
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