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live permissions

i have my wifes xbox set as home and she has live script. i also had live, but it expired yesterday. however, my girls is still active. yet i cant play online.

i can play rocket league, and black ops 4 online just fine. ive soft reset my xbox and reset her account on the xbox as home.

only solution is to submit to buying live. and thats pretty wack..


  • Socair
    2814 posts Game Changer
    Hmm, the likely answer is that your EA account is not tied to your wife’s Xbox account. Maybe there’s a snarl because you were playing it on a separate Live account. I believe you can go into your EA account settings and add her profile to link it to your EA account.
    I’m a PS4 user, so I’m not sure about the permissions on Xbox...also is this all on on console? You said her xbox and my xbox, so just want to clarify.
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