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Bauer Re-akt Helmet

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Why isn’t the first Bauer Re-akt helmet in NHL 19? It’s one of the most popular helmets in the NHL and I would really like to have it in the game.
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  • 100% agree. It was in one of them.
    Almost all the players wear it. Helmets most make player likeness. Rest is important but not really needed.

    Why did they ever remove the CCM FL80/ Reebok 7k. No one wears the fitlite. Crosby, the best player in the NHL has had the wrong helmet for YEARS.

    Ea could care less about realism. Sadly 23% if the league has the wrong helmet.
  • They found the time to create 900 pieces of hideous clown gear, but didn’t care to include the helmet that half the NHL wears.

  • Wrong helmets, sticks, faces .... and more
  • Yup. It’s absolutly pathetic. As if it’s lack of space if they can make all that for WOC and do nothing for us offline players. I used to believe tjay was why. Just give us the right equipment. That’s all I want.
  • Don't forget ill-fitting equipment and the clipping. Seriously, how many players wear their visor five inches away from their face? Take a look at Nylander and his default Bauer helmet for an example.

    It's pathetic they put in more time into fake WoC clothing than actual equipment that NHL players ACTUALLY use in the game.
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