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Completed Objectives Not Registering as Completed

I've been trying to complete the 500 objectives for the Mike Modano card and I noticed i've have 367 completed so far which i've found kind of low so I took a look at my hut challenges and I've have over 373 stars done in the hut challenges which equates to 373 objectives right???

I've also done the daily objectives i guess i've done over a 100 the past month since I was trying for the joe nieuwendyk card and i've also done all the gatorade challenges and most of the halloween challenges that you guys had last month as well.

I've completed more than the 500 objectives required unless i'm not understanding something. I contacted ea support and they told me to restore my license then play a couple of games and it should sync my stats. I played a domination game and completed a win a game objective in the original 6 challenge and i'm still stuck at 367 objectives completed so far.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • Each star in challenges does not equate to objectives. Each time you complete a hut challenge does not mean you completed an objective. Just go to your objectives screen and it will show what you need to complete. Complete the daily challenges if you have time (you get 5 I believe). Example if you completed M Gartner (2000 goals) that’s like only 5 objectives completed. Hope that helps if not I guess I don’t really understand your question
  • RetrogradeAce
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    Thanks for the info, I understand how it works now from another user, but I'm positive my objectives aren't registering as completed the way it's suppose to.

    Today, for example I was at 389 objectives completed(I made sure right before I did the daily objectives), I did the daily objectives for a total of 5, so I should have 394 objectives completed but I'm still stuck at 389.

    Meh, it doesn't matter. After I get the JR card for this month I think i'm about done with this game.

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