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Team Building sets....ARGH!!!!

Shirley you can't be serious with these, EA!?!?!?!?

you want us to wast Gold Collectables for Base Player Cards!?!?!?!?!?

5 Commons was step but seemed fair, this is straight up robbery


  • Now this is straight up wrong. Some of these are almost impossible to complete.
  • Definitely feels like this season set was rushed out.

    4 different O’Reilly cards? Why? Why not 4 different players? And why is getting the 85 O’Reilly 100 goals easier than Tomato made Myers? Sit through 4 draft Champions games for a card rated lower than O’reilly who only needs 6 star challenges to get?

    Lest we forget that PP for everyone in this set is clearly a last minute fix because whatever “new/old” synergy was in place obviously didn’t work.

    Legit makes no sense to me.
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