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Two PP synergies???

I bought a player from the AH with PP expecting to replace another PP in my lineup, only to discover that there are now two different 'PP' synergies. What genius decided to add another synergy "Precision Passing" with PP when there was already "Passing Playmaker" PP???


  • Hi Guys,

    Apologies for this confusion, we're going to check and see if we can do anything to try and remedy this. In the meantime you can just be aware that only Thanksgiving players will have the Precision Passing synergy, and you can assume anyone else is Passing Playmakers.

    From reddit
  • dang.....

    thanks for making this post @MikeyAU630 and giving the heads up. i almost made a puchase this morning but couldn't decide on who to replace so i held off.
  • Just happened to me also with the free Morgan Rielly, Thanksgiving Event!
  • :D WHAT?!
  • They need to start adding syns that make sense to the players. also how is the Thanksgiving 88 Petterson have 10 more points in Face offs over Bo Horvets 86 Primetime card?
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  • WealthyFriends
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    Why in the world is there an Edmonton Oilers Ales Hemsky Thanksgiving Card?
    Did they just toss a random UFA in there and put him on his original team?
    From what I can see he's the only UFA in the promo.
    I just don't understand these weird things they do.
    Also.. as expected, they respond on Reddit but not in their official forums..
  • Now it appears they've converted the Precision Passing guys (the Thanksgiving cards) into Passing Playmaker... now I've got an overabundance of Passing Playmakers.
  • Amazing

  • Hey everyone,

    Yesterday we had the new Thanksgiving synergy released (Precision Passing). Unfortunately, it also had the same abbreviation as Passing Playmaker leading to a lot of players to be confused of which PP their players had.

    We looked into the possible solutions we could do to change it and we had two options. We could either change the abbreviation of the Precision Passing or change the Precision Passing synergy of the Thanksgiving players to Passing Playmaker.

    While we would've liked to change the abbreviation of Precision Passing, it was unfortunately something that we would be unable to do for awhile due to it needing fixes in a future patch. Changing the players' synergies from Precision Passing to Passing Playmaker, however, was something we could change today.

    As a result we are changing all Thanksgiving players who had the Precision Passing synergy to have the Passing Playmaker synergy to prevent further confusion over which PP was which. The change will go live at around 2 PM (so 6 minutes or so).

    Hopefully this helps eliminate any confusion around it!

    From reddit
  • mhart123: Thanks for posting that.

    Funny how EA responds quickly to issues reported on reddit and twitter, but rarely ever responds here on their own forums.
  • MikeyAU630 wrote: »
    mhart123: Thanks for posting that.

    Funny how EA responds quickly to issues reported on reddit and twitter, but rarely ever responds here on their own forums.

    Yep, it baffles my mind tbh
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