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Defence advice plz.

Would someone please let me know if there is a way to stop all the people floating around the offensive zone, shielding the puck, uncheckable. They are just skating laps and laps until there is an opening for you know what. I’ve been decent for years, but this year it’s just impossible to get the puck from them. Is there a way? Just about ready to quit playing. Thanks in advance. <3


  • That is why I quit and only play HUT off-line now. I no longer have any frustrating games.
  • Don’t chase them around in the d zone, keep the passing lanes clogged up so they can’t get the one timer and your guys are in position if he tries to get to the slot for a shot
  • the board pin actually works well now if they're in the corners. i basically just switch to the defender nearest the puckholder and block the passing line and get ready to come out and defend the short side shots from around the circles. if you keep switching defenders and chasing, eventually you're going to pull someone out of position. so if you really can't get the puck from them, try pinning. if you can't pin, keep passing lanes and high percentage shot areas closed up and wait.
  • Ive always played my opponent head to head until the last 15 or so games. I just use one of my forwards and sit in the middle trying to block the shots in the slot. people playing this year are so pathetic that they only know how to score one goal, take that away and you're golden!
  • Thx, yall. I’ve always despised people playing skill zone defense, but maybe I’ll have to resort to that this year. :(
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